Yifan and Me are Exactly the Same

I pulled out my first photo, and compared it to Yifan. Oh. I found out that we are almost exactly the same!

3 image

I also found out Wendy’s photo when she was very young.


Left: Me (at the age of 1), Middle: Yifan (at the age of 9 months), Right: Wendy (at the age of 1).

10 thoughts on “Yifan and Me are Exactly the Same

  1. Very interesting comparison! Without your description, I even think there is the same person for that two photos of you and Wendy.

  2. i think yifan has a round face as compared to yours. Yifan inherited your mouth and nose features, meanwhile his eyes looks similar like Wendy’s.

  3. All of you are very cute! I think it’s interesting in the third picture your mouths are almost the same, maybe it’s a baby thing.

  4. Hehe – the resemblance is uncanny!!!

    @Jian Shuo – FYI, I had trouble getting the IP assigned to me across the China GFW… so anyway in the short term, I’ve registered another (free) domain that IS accessible in China (Beijing and Shanghai)… checkout Jaime’s home page (flash site) at http://jaimezheng.co.nr/

    The flash page takes a few moments to load, but once it’s up and running everything works at ok speed… let me know what you think!!

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