Yifan has his Second Haircut

Yesterday, Yifan has his second haircut. I am not a professional hairdresser, but I do enjoy cut the hair of Yifan – the whole process only took 2 minute this time, v.s. 15 minutes the last time.

Before the Haircut


This picture was taken early Feb this year.

After Haircut

After the second haircut, he does not look that good as with the longer hair – not completely my fault. :-) Hope after his hair grow longer in the next 2 weeks, he should be fine.



P.S. Today is 9th month Birthday for Yifan. We also hosted Xiaogong, Fangmin, Shenjie, Zhiming, and Dingding – my high-school classmates in my home.

8 thoughts on “Yifan has his Second Haircut

  1. Good job! But the second time seems a little better, I think ^_^.

    Do you use the hair clipper special for children? I also need to cut my son’s hair soon.

  2. I can really see Yifan’s resemblance to you, Jian Shuo! Of course, I’m sure he looks like Wendy too but since I haven’t met her, I don’t see it.

  3. In third photo he looks like int that famous photo from Einstein, but with less hair ;-)

  4. Ha ha hah… poor boy, his haircut looks like it was done by a weedwacker…and he seem to know it ! Cute kid ;)

  5. Cute!

    By the way, why do people use “Ng” after their names? Like Bill Ng, Edward Ng, etc. What does it mean?

  6. @Coco Y

    “Ng” is exactly the Cantonese pronunciation for the mandarin pronunciation of “Wu”. It is typically used at Hong Kong and/or GuangDong district to spell some people’s last name.

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