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Hi Jian Shuo,

I’ve been subscribing to your blog for years, and I really enjoy reading your posts about Shanghai. I think it is great that you write about topics and questions that your readers ask you.  I also have a question to ask you, regarding TV shows in Shanghai/China.  I’ve been living in Shanghai for almost 7 years but never had a TV until recently. I was surprised to discover that there are more than 50+ channels on the local cable network.  However, I don’t know what channels are good to watch and when the good/interesting programs are aired.

Can you write a post about the different channels/program available in Shanghai, how to find out about different programs/showing times, and what are some English channels/programs?  In the U.S., we have TV guides that people can look online, on the TV guide channel, or in the newspaper.  Are there similar TV guides in Shanghai to learn about different TV channels/programs?  What are some of your favorite TV programs?

Thank you,

In Shanghai, as an expat, it is not easy to understand the local TV, especially there are so many stations, and most of them are not in English. I don’t have too much resources to share, but fortunately, I have a TV, Chinese-English skills, and my passion to help people. So here is the TV guide.

In this guide, I captured the logo on the upper left corner of the screen with my Digital Camera (sorry for the relative low quality), and add some description. These are the TV channel I can get from my LG TV in my bed room. Yours may verious a little bit. Their order is according to the order of my TV, and typically, you should see the same order if you let your TV auto scan channels for you.

If you are not in Shanghai, or planning to visit Shanghai, here is the chance to know what the life is really like in Shanghai. I will talk about my favorite TV Channels in the future blog.

DSC03637 OTV (Oriental TV) Entertainment

DSC03639 STV (Shanghai TV) TV Drama (soap shows)

DSC03640 OTV Drama

DSC03643 Travel Satellite TV

DSC03644 OTV Art and Literature

DSC03645 China Education TV Channel 1 (CETV1)

DSC03646 Guizhou Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03647 Heben Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03648 Sichuan Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03649 STV Sports

DSC03650 Shanghai Education TV

DSC03651 Henan Satellite TV (from a province) – from my hometown

DSC03653 STV Lifestyle and Fashion

DSC03654 OTV

DSC03655 CCTV1 (China Central Television Channel 1)

DSC03657 OTV International Channel Shanghai (ICS) – English channel

DSC03658 CCTV2

DSC03659 Yunan Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03660 Zhejiang Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03661 Haha Children’s Channel – never saw this channel before

DSC03662 STV documentary

DSC03663 Jilin Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03664 Emmm… What’s this?

DSC03665 Anhui Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03666 CCTV8

DSC03667 Chongqing Satellite TV (from a city)

DSC03668 CCTV Olympics Channel (formerly CCTV Sports Channel)

DSC03669 Beijing Satellite TV (from a city)

DSC03671 CCTV7

DSC03672 Hunan Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03673 CCTV3

DSC03675 Guangxi Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03676 Jinagxi Satellite TV (from a province)


7 Shandong Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03678 CCTV News

DSC03679 CCTV9

DSC03680 CCTV10

DSC03681 CCTV11

DSC03682 CCTV12

DSC03683 Heilongjiang Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03684 Hubei Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03687 CCTV6

DSC03688 CCTV4

DSC03689 Oriental Movie Channel (from Shanghai)

DSC03690 China Business Network (a.k.s First Finance and Economy) (from Shanghai)

DSC03692 Neimenggu Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03694 STV News and General

DSC03695 Ningxia Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03699 Eastsouth Satellite TV (from a province of Fujian)

DSC03700 Shing Cartoon Channel

DSC03701 Shanxi Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03702 Jiangsu Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03705 Xinjiang Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03706 Liaoning Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03707 Guangdong Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03711 CCTV Children’s Channel

DSC03712 Xizang Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03713 Shangxi Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03714 CCTV Musical

DSC03715 Gansu Satellite TV (from a province)

DSC03717 Tianjin Satellite TV (from a city)

Well. Here is the end of the looooo…..ooong list.

My pictures are not so clear, and if you want to get clearer version, the pictures below can help. However, these logos are pretty out of date.

58585743 58929093 58645536 58584438 20071011024934923 20071011024935733 20071011024937811 20071011024938634 20071011024940556

11 thoughts on “TV Guide in Shanghai

  1. TV guide can be easily found on the official website of TV channels, such as and

  2. Don’t forget to mention that CCTV9 is the English Channel in the CCTV, it’s the official 100% English speaking TV Channel, I think foreigners may like to know this hehe.

    And besides you can also watch it online,

    It’s not always talking about the whole world or with the real information, because it’s from the government but once in China it’s your most available window to the outside world hehe..

  3. In today’s global world, CCTV and CCTV9 are available on Cable in the Bay Area. I don’t watch much TV in general but have on occasion flipped through the channels and watched some English language CCTV shows about China on CCTV9. There are also several HK channels and Taiwan channels as well, and also local Cantonese and Mandarin channels.

    The explosion of media in China is pretty incredible. Back in 1989, the first time I visited China, I think there was only 2 or 3 channels on the hotel TV!

  4. @elliottng, you are right. Something to mention is, these are the by default channels for anyone in the city with cable – without cable, TV is useless. Also, this is just for Shanghai. In other cities, they have local province TV station and city level…

  5. In today’s global world, CCTV and CCTV9 are available on Cable in the Bay Area. TV guide can be easily found on the official website of TV channels. Its must awesome websites!!

  6. Yes. I need to mention that CCTV9 and ICS are the only two channels offering English programs in Shanghai – I mean by default in the cable TV in everyone’s home.

  7. Dear Susan (the one who provided the answer to Jian Shuo Wang),

    I have been trying to search for a particular TV station located in the coastal city in Southeast China. My objective is to be able to locate a person working in that TV station but who did not provide her (yes she’s female) definite address except that she is working in a TV station in that particular area. She is English speaking Chinese. Could you provide me therefore the specific location of a TV station in that area (coastal city (Shanghai) in Southeast China and possibly the website/email address.

    I will greatly appreciate your assistance Susan.

    Fernando Duque (Filipino)

    (631) 3510491 or my email address shown above.

  8. Wow.. you really have a great passion in helping people understand more about Shanghai!

    They should be proud of having a citizen like you! :D



  9. Hi Jian Shuo,

    Could you please tell me the prices, list of channels and speeds of some IPTV plans in Shanghai?



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