Photos in the Garden outside My Home

After reading the last chapter of Alan de Botton’s The Art of Travel, I decided to go out to the small garden outside my home. It is so small, that I didn’t think there is anything interested there, but I found a lot. Look at the pictures I took!

Fu (Happiness) on my door. Red is the typical Chinese color, and he followers indicates prosperity

Buildings behind trees – typical feeling in the warm winter

Big tree at the entrance – How come I never really thought about it. If you ask me about what is the biggest tree in your garden, I may only be able to think of the smaller trees in my own garden.

6 thoughts on “Photos in the Garden outside My Home

  1. It just occurred to me that all the rats on chinese new year greeting cards and decorations have big Mickey Mouse ears ! I guess a more accurate depiction whould have been too grotesque(new word I’ve been trying to use). Good grief ! we are being americanized and we don’t even know it !

  2. ah, do u live in shanghai? Where your place?

    I want go to Songjiang in July, But, I don’t know it.

    I can’t speak China, and speak English very badly.

    Can u helf me?


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