Young Leaders Forum Fellow Blog Feed

We need to leverage new technology, don’t we? I volunteered to create an aggregated Young Leaders Forum Fellow Blog

Feed. The URL of this feed is

. There are some behind the scene works.

  • I get a list of all

    YLF fellow (the listing is still growing) and put all the blog entries together.

  • I sort the blog entries according to published time so the latest one is always on the top
  • I have limited my blog RSS output to only the articles with YLF or Young Leaders Forum in it, to avoid

    overwhelm people with not related comments. Remember, I write daily

  • I am still trying to add a “Translate this” button to the beginning of the description section of Chinese entries so

    our American Fellows can at least have some idea about what the entries are about. This is not completed yet

In case you want to trace the latest thoughts of YLF, please subscribe to this feed or simply check out this page.


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