Yifan Starts to Sleep Alone

From tonight, Wendy and I arranged Yifan to sleep alone (with nanny). After Yifan fell asleep, Wendy said: “Is the nice time Yifan sleep with us over?” I know she feels lost, so do I.

As Joshua Allen told me in a comment, “We are worrying of the children’s dependent on us and worrying even more of their independent as well.” He is just less than 6 months old, and he is now independent enough to sleep on his own. Big step for him.

Also, today, he started to be able to use his two hands to grasp the small cup and start to drink by himself – just the beginning and could only drink a little bit, but it is also a big step for him. What people told me (especially Carroll) is very true – time flies, and before you notice, the little boy is almost starting to escape from our arms and embracing his own world.

Yifan, we love you.

4 thoughts on “Yifan Starts to Sleep Alone

  1. Oh, this brought back so many memories of my own long-ago little ones! The thing that is really amazing is that we never know the “last time” something happens. There will be a last bottle or breast, a last diaper, a last sleepless night…even the last time he holds your hand while crossing a street will go unnoticed…until you realize it hasn’t happened for a while, and oh, my goodness, he’s taller than you are all of a sudden! Truly each moment is something to treasure. As you realized yesterday when writing about the gas station explosion, life is precious. Give him a kiss for me please, Jian Shuo — and one for Wendy too :-)

  2. Hi Jian Shuo – I think this will be more difficult for his parents than for Yifan… :D

    FYI – Jaime is turning 3-months old tomorrow. He is now sleeping through the night. He falls asleep at about 11pm each night, and wakes again at about 7:30am… he has now developed his ‘social’ smile, and it makes my heart just melt eveytime he looks at me and smiles with obvious complete unconditional love… Jaime has been sleeping in hiw own cot now for about 3 weeks, but his cot is in our room right next to our bed.

    Isn’t fatherhood the best !!! I’m scared about how quickly the time is passing by…

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