Gas Station Explosion Near my Home

Just before I want to close my laptop and go to bed, I saw a piece of astonishing news on Sina: Gas Station Explosion Killed 4 and Injured 40 in Shanghai.


They are the secondary gas station we went to. We typically go to the gas station just on the other side of the road, but sometimes, we also go to that station to buy gas.

The explosion at 10:15 AM today killed 4 people immediately, including one passenger who is walking 1 km away from the station. 40+ people were injured and now they are still in hospital.

According to the news, the cause of the accident was because of mis-operation of the workers in the station.

How terrible it is! That is the nearest station from my home. Life is so weak, and anything can happen – what if I went their for gas today? I just don’t want to imagine that!

Hopefully, those guys injured should be fine quickly. According to the news, many of them were hit directly by the stones on the head. Terrible!

4 thoughts on “Gas Station Explosion Near my Home

  1. JS, life is definitely not something to take for granted…and tomorrow is not promised. All the more reason to be very intentional about what we all do with the time we have on this earth.

  2. it is sad. is the gas station suppose to explode that easy? do we really have to wait someone get killed, and learn from lessons?

  3. It is apparent there was no safety official to supervise the crew prior to the accident, it is sad!

    The unprecedented economic development of China which shocked the world is accomplished at the life of innocent workers (6,000 deaths a year in mining accidents alone), it is really sad!

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