Learnt More about How Government Works

Today, attended a training by the government officials, and learnt many interesting ideas. Share with everyone.

The Government has Huge Support for SME (Small and Middle Sized Enterprise)

Maybe you didn�t know it. For SME in Shanghai (with revenue less than 30 million RMB), if they go abroad (like U.S.) for marketing or attending events, their travel cost will be compensated by the Shanghai Foreign Trade organization by 50%. If they attend foreign trade affairs, their ticket fee will also be reimbursed by the government by 50%. This is huge benefit for SME to explore opportunities outside China. There are many policies like this, but not so many enterprises are aware of it.

The Government Reform in 2003

I didn�t really know that, until today. In 2003, the biggest government organization change happened. The 40 Bureaus in the central government was cut to 29 in 2003, and all government officials were cut by 50%.

This was a piece of interesting history – how the government handled the 50% layoff in 2003. They enforced the government officials who are 58 in ago or older for male, or 51 for female to leave their position, to give up the headcount. They are compensated by a lot of policies. For example, they receive salary, bonus, or salary increase as normal officials, and they can stay at home, and getting exactly the same benefit as they work hard and work well. This offer is valid until he/she reaches his/her official retirement age. Some of them are even offered a place to stay in government, and their full time job is to drink tea, and read newspaper. They are not allowed to do anything else than this, but their salary is the same.

Now, after the huge shrink in size of the government, there are 113,000 officials in Shanghai government (among them, 45,000 are policemen of all kinds)

Imagine how hard it was to do the reform � inside system of government.

Interesting history, or reality�

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  1. Yes. Not many people know the details of it, and the government officials were trying very hard to market the idea so people know it.

  2. What’s Next after Web 2.0?

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  3. “If they attend foreign trade affairs, their ticket fee will also be reimbursed by the government by 50%.”

    Wow, sounds good! Could you please suggest how I can find more detailed information about this?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. I read your blog occasionally. I was supprised that there is this kind of blog. I refer to an English blog witten by a Chinese. I will live in Japan for two years. I feel deeply that so many foreigners know little about Chinese people and changes happened in China in previous dacades. Your blog is amazing, which not only shows us your happly life also becomes a window to introduce our common life to foreigners. It is great! Thanks and hope you fine!

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