The Dinner – Part II – NCUSR Delegation

Well. I wake up in the morning (at 8:30 AM). I believe the delegate has already assembled at the lobby of hotel and heading to Suzhou. And me? The baby was like a alarm clock – he cried exactly at 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, 3:00 AM, and I wake up to take care of him. Pretty tired today.

The NCUSR Delegation

This is the second time I met with Jan Berris from National Committee of US-China Relationships. I recorded our last gather on June 9, 2006 one year and two weeks ago (see? the benefit of having a blog).

I admire Jan a lot for continuously organizing delegates in U.S. from all fields, and all industry to visit China. According to the booklet about this visit, Jan organized 250 such visits since 1971, including the famous China Ping Pong Team’s visit to U.S. in 1972, which everyone knows a historical event on the history of China-US relationship. What I am also impressed so much is, she personally visited China for 90 times – I believe the data is out of date since she came to China recently these years also.

It is just like writing a blog – keep doing the same thing for a long enough time means something significant. If Jan is a blogger, she did it really well – 90 times of visit to the same country – the difference is, pay a visit is much more time-consuming than writing a blog.

I do agree with Jan that the only thing (well, maybe not the only, but at least very powerful thing) for people to understand a country is to have them visiting the country, experience it in a way that reflects the nature of the country, and have them talk with people inside the country.

This is many be the 5th time I talked about the bridge. Seriously, U.S. and China need many bridges to connect the two strong economic bodies and help to reduce the pain of culture and system conflicts. Jan is doing admirable job!

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