Wonderful Night with Mayors from U.S.

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I am just back from a wonderful night with some great persons from the delegation of National League of Cities/League of California Cities, and National Committee on United States-China Relations. I just used one not-so-accurate word to keep the title short.

To be more exact, I should not be so short about saying Mayors. There are mayors from Sacramento (Heather), Bluffton (Ted), Riverside (Ron) and Council members from San Diego (Jim), Madison (Cynthia), and executives or attorney from the National League of Cities, and League of California… Of cause I met with the great bridge between the two counties – Jan Berris, from National Committee on US-China Relationships… Oh. and we have Haisong who introduced me to the group.

I promise I will write about what we talked today, and the interesting topics from democracy to violence in online games, to legal systems, to culture differences… but not today. It is too late and I think I should go to bed to have my eyes rested. My eyes suffer a lot recently due to heavy usage to write computer programs with the dev team in my company. Considering how long the conversation was, and how long I may write, I hope I do it tomorrow.

P.S. I got permission to blog about the night from my friendly guests, and I will write more tomorrow.

P.S. The baby was still awake when I am back home at 11:30 PM. He wanted to sleep but couldn’t, so he seemed impatient and making little noises. I held him in my arms and wanted to calm him down. This is the 20th day since he was born, and for the second time, he reached out to get my glasses away with his tiny and soft hand – the second time in his life. I was amazed. Now he finally falls asleep as an angel. This is also the first night I am not with him since he was born. I hope I will be at his bed every night from now on, and see him growing and growing. I firmly believe every single day, he change a little bit – he is getting 50 g everyday in weight anyway – there must be some change.

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  1. I’m sure if you look back at the pictures from when he was brand new, or only one day old, you will be able to tell the difference. My youngest son turned 30 yesterday, and truly, it seems like only yesterday when he was a baby. There’s a *big* difference in how he looks now from how he looked then, but I don’t remember seeing it happen from day to day either. Of course I don’t remember changing myself very much since then either, but I’m sure the mirror must have a different opinion!

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