Big Circle Roads South of PVG?

I have all kinds of interesting people reading this blog. Among them is a pilot GC (I am not sure if he is comfortable to expose his name, so let me use initials before I asked). He said he flies big planes to PVG frequently (a real frequent flyer). He noticed my trip to U.S. via United Airlines, and checked his logbook to see if he was my pilot – what a pity that we missed each other (or I missed his flight) several days both way.

Anyway, he asked a question maybe only a frequent flying pilot to PVG (airport code for Pudong Airport) will ask: What is the Big Ringed Roads South of Pudong Airport? Here was his question (with my editorial change):

Here’s a question for you… When we approach Pudnog from the south, to land to the north, we pass over an area 16 nautical south of the airport that has a huge ringed road. Any idea what it is? I was looking to see if I had a photo of the area but can’t find one. I also looked for satellite photos but can’t find the road. It is very obvious and would certainly chow up. Someone told me it was an atom accelerator research site. Others have said a resort area. Maybe you have an idea.

My dear readers, anyone has any idea about it?

My Guess is the Dishui Lake

At the very beginning, I completely have no idea about what the ” huge ringed road”. It may be a atom accelerator research site – splendid imagination. I don’t think it will be.

Finally, one idea hit me – the Dishui Lake. I posted picture of the lake in my previous post, but people cannot have an idea about how big and what shape the lake is.

It is actually a huge round lake – a precious circle since the place was original sea, and people put sand and soil into the sea to built a huge lake from the sea.

Here are some bigger picture (I used picture quoted from Internet since there is no way for me to climb that high).

Image in courtesy of Shanghai Harbor City

Image in courtesy of Shanghai Harbor City

Image in courtesy of Shanghai Harbor City

Image in courtesy of Shanghai Harbor City

Image in courtesy of Shanghai Harbor City

Image in courtesy of Shanghai Harbor City

Image in courtesy of Shanghai Harbor City

Check their website

At night, the several rings of the road was lit up, and I believe it must be very obvious from the sky.

I am very sure the “atom accelerator” the pilot saw should be this lake.

You cannot find it in Google Map, or Google Satellite image, since in that old image, the location of this “lake” is still sea.

5 thoughts on “Big Circle Roads South of PVG?

  1. It is so beautiful.

    My university has just moved from PuDong to there, around the DiShui Lake.

  2. Hi Jianshuo,

    I would argue that the speculation about an accelerator is not totally ungrounded, here is a report about the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Chinese only, sorry)

    I’m no theoretical physicist, so I’m not really sure if the whole thing is being built underground or it is rather visible from the bird’s view. At any rate, here may be more info

    It might be interesting to figure this out…

  3. Hi.

    find your bolg and content an interesting read. i wonder if this lake is accessable to the public? does one need to pay an entrance fee? also does anyone have any ideas about what facilities there are at this lake? just one other question, if i was to ride there on one of my motorbikes, what is the main road in from the either the northern or southern directions? I live in Ningbo, but often ride one of my motorbikes (I own 2 motorbikes) around Zhejiang province exploring the many mountain ranges, and have made many trips north to Shanghai, but have never come across this Dishui Lake area, and I have explored most parts of both inner/outer Shanghai over the years. (I’ve lived in China 5yrs and was in SH for 2yrs). Not withstanding that maybe I have come close to the Lake area, but just didn’t know it haha!

    Anyway if anyone can give me some directions, like some of the major roads, nearby suburbs/areas, or highways (not expressways as motorbikes are banned from using them in China) so I can plan a trip to take in this Lake area on my next Ningbo-Shanghai excursion.



  4. How great is that one can ask a question and the resources of the world are at his fingertips! I think the lake is the answer. I will have to check it out on my next PVG trip. BTW, Thw atom accelerator site wasn’t my idea. My imagination isn’t that great. I believe it was my buddy Vic who mentioned it when I pointed it out to him.

    Anyway, just got back from London & have a ton of things to do while I am home.

    Xie xie,


  5. It is very beautiful picture. How beautifully is that one can ask a question and the aids of the world are at his fingertips? I think the river is the answer.



    Wide Circles

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