Nice Hotel in Tongli

I didn’t write about it. Wendy and I went to Tongli for a night during Saturday – arrive at late night, and stayed in a very nice small hotel there, and left early in the morning (at 8:30 AM, we are already on the high way to Shanghai).

This is my second time (and Wendy’s first time) to Tongli. As I said in my last post, Tongli is a beauty at night. I highly recommend people to stay in Tongli for the night only, and it is so beautiful when there is nobody walking in the town and all shops close.

Zheng Fu Cao Tang

This time, we stayed in Zheng Fu Cao Tang 正福草堂, maybe the best hotel in the town. Last time I was there, I don’t have any money with me, so I stayed in the Fan Rong Hostel – 30 RMB per night. Last time, when I pasted by this hotel, I said, next time, I will stay here.


Reservation; +86-512-6320576

We stayed in a room for 220 RMB per night.

Here are some picture of this Chinese accident style hotel. I will stay here next time. They said you need to reserve at least one week in advance. (we were lucky that one person just cancelled the reservation, so we walked in and stayed).

The bed:

I wonder why people don’t use this kind of Chinese traditional bed any more – the bed with a frame and curtain, and it seems like a room.

Below is the nice flower on curtain before the door.

The bed – red Chinese style.

The small area before the room, on the second floor.

Red Big Lanterns.

They have an ancient instrument outside the door.

This is the entrance of the hotel.

In the garden:

Outside the hotel:

Early morning, looking down to the garden from the second floor where we stayed

Tongli at Night

River of Tong Li

My Photo

Wendy took a photo of me. Did work so well.

This one is much better:

11 thoughts on “Nice Hotel in Tongli

  1. 江南最六个著名的水镇江苏的周庄、甪直、同里,浙江的西塘、乌镇、南浔都集中在江苏和浙江交界的地方,都在太湖的东南边,互相之间的距离一般都在二三十公里左右。

    Jianshuo, how many of them were you visited?

  2. Wow, What a beautiful place. Now I have one more place to add to my long list of places that I HAVE to visit!

  3. DC, there are tourist buses from Shanghai that take you to all these places. I am sure many hotels or travel agencies have brochures with the details on the buses. We took one several years ago. The bus came with a tour guide although everything was in Chinese.

  4. sir, I thank you for posting these images of tongli, these fantastic pictures have made me decide i have got to visit .

  5. I was looking for an illustration for a blog I was posting and I came across your picture of the locks and delved further into your blog. Your photos are wonderful. I especially like the woman on her boat with the cormorants. So wonderful.

  6. Hi Perhaps you might be able to help . I stayed at Tongli in the Zheng Fu Cao Tang hotel the night of oct 16 to 17TH .

    Unfortunetaly when I got back to Shanghai the next day I realized that I had lost or stolen my wallet. (green leather- inside my credit cards VISA-AMEX- some cash money – ID card for the most important )

    I wanted to ask the hotel if they might have found it . They do not have email address and the website is in chinese

    Of course I do not know where I could have lost it . It could be also at Shanghai . But I try to ask everywhere

    Can you send a message to this hotel for me ????



    we were 3 girls travelling together. 1 stayed upstairs and 2 in a twin room downstairs

  7. hi read your blog on Tongli we would love to stay there but can’t seem to make a reservation. No english on the other end. Any suggestions?

  8. @Cheryl…… well. It seems, I hate to say, but….. that you have to find someone who knows Chinese to call them and make the reservation. That is the price to visit a old water town instead of going to a big metropolitan.

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