May be Inaccessible for Several Hours

Bluehost notified me that

Your servers’ IP address has changed from:


Since I host DNS and website on different provider, I have to change it manually, and they may not sync with each other perfectly. So you may expect short pause (from several hours to 24 hours). If you cannot access this blog in the next 48 hours, don’t worry. It will be back shortly after network IP address change and my DNS change both take effect.

Thank you for your patience.

Update May 18, 2007

The change has been completed, and there was no report of inaccessibility.

5 thoughts on “May be Inaccessible for Several Hours

  1. just dropping by!

    Can i ask u a question? if i wanna open an english blog, so which website is better?

    thank u!

  2. ACCESS and availability of taxis at to two Shanghai metro stations; Jin’An Temple and Zhonshan Park

    On Thursday 22nd March 2007 I will be arriving at Pudong Airport about 16.00 and then go Maglev to Long Yang metro station. I will have with me a suitcase on wheels as well as a small back pack. I plan to go from Long Yang metro to either Jin’An Temple or Zhongshan Park station.

    These are my questions:

    [1] Do either of these metro stations have elevators or escalators?

    [2] Which of these two stations will it be easier to pick up a taxi from at at 17.30 on a Thursday evening?



  3. Hi Andy,

    You should not worry about those places as every metro station in shanghai has elevator and both have plenty of taxis (maybe a little bit more in Jin’an temple?) so it’s up to you. I’ll just get the one which is the colsest from your final destination. Enjoy Shanghai

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