The Year of Pig Comes

The year of 2007 is the year of pig according to the lunar calendar.

Let me use Keso’s Google style Piggie Year Greeting Card to send my new year wishes to you.

Image created by Keso

May you have a fruitful new year!

P.S. I just lit up the firecrackers. It is the biggest firecrackers I have ever had – 3000+ of them. Wendy and I were so happy to watch the fireworks in my garden, and I am as happy as a child. It is so good to have a New Year!

12 thoughts on “The Year of Pig Comes

  1. I got here searching for Wallop invitations….Quite odd…Well, i wont leave without posting my wish of a happy chinese new year for you all. And now continuing whit my guest for the Wallop invitation!

  2. What’s the deal with “Gong Xi Fa Cai” anyways? I much much prefer staying happy and healthy. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Too much money only brings on another set of problems.

    I wish people would stop saying that.

  3. Hey, come on my dear! Please don’t spoil the mood.

    Just for the mood of new year, what’s wrong to wish everybody prosperous by saying “gong xi fa cai” once a year.

  4. “Gong Xi Fa Cai” does not translate to wishing someone to be prosperous, it means to striking it rich. Many people in China are too concentrated on striking it rich that they forget what’s important in life. Friends, family, health, happiness, and helping the poor — they all are more important than accruing a lot of wealth.

    I hope people realize that money isn’t everything. In this holiday season, it’s important to help the less fortunate as well.

  5. Our holiday greetings start with “happy” or “merry”. I am not aware of another culture where people tell each other to “strike it rich” on holidays.

    Does it take an outsider to point out how weird this is?

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