Happy New Year via SMS

With technology, people can send more greeting faster, and easier. However, I do doubt about the message it get crossed. If I can send 1000 new year greeting using the time I do it for sending just one card, the value of the card to recipient maybe is only 1/1000 of it, or even less.

SMS was a fashionable way to send New Year greeting. I checked each SMS I got, and I appreciate the card, and will send out a reply personally. However, I feel disappointed when I see so many SMS on my mobile.

In the last two hours, I put my mobile in the bedroom, and when I check it, I saw this:

There are 52 New SMS (in the last two hours). When I took the picture, upload it to flickr, and start to write, it went up to 60.

Well. Among them, like 50% of them does not show up with a name in my mobile – only the telephone number. That means, their telephone number is not on my mobile. Some didn’t put a name, so I totally have no idea about who they are. How sad. The even more sad SMS are, they have a name and a company name, but I still don’t know who they are.

I am pretty sure about how they did it – find a SMS people send to them, change the signiture, and have the mobile to send it to everyone in his contact list. I don’t know how much name card I distributed – maybe 1000 in my last year (I used up several boxes). In a Donews meeting, I may send out 100 name cards, and get about 100. That is the reason I received those SMS. My Nokia 6670 had really slow CPU, so it takes long time to open all those SMS…

When technology helps people to get things done easier and faster, it still cannot replace the human. Just as photography helps to capture image easier, the understanding of beauty was still as hard. When Social Network Software, and all kinds of software helps to make communication easier, human’s feeling like love and hate still works exactly the same way as 1000 years ago. I agree technology helps, but cannot replace what human has to do.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year via SMS

  1. I’m glad with tech as long as doesn’t bcome away to dont b real in our feelings and emotions.

    I think it’s crucial to dont rely totally into it.

    Cheers for some people like you thinking in China and dont be only consumists =)

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