Eric is in New York

From Eric’s blog, he is flying to New York. He posted two pictures, which does not seem to be true – it is more like a 3D model.

Photograph by Eric Zheng

Photograph by Eric Zheng

Few days ago, when Eric chatted with me on MSN, he said he was going to New York. I asked why. He simply said the cheap flight ticket is good. He cares more about the cheap flight ticket, and the trip is even like a side-result of the flight. :-) So he is there!

It reminds me of the cold winter in New York in 2004.

Look at what I have here for that winter:

  1. Taxi in New York City
  2. Life in New York is Tough for Me
  3. Subways in New York
  4. Skyscrapers in New York
  5. I am in Shanghai
  6. Cold New York
  7. New York Pictures
  8. Christmas Eve in New York City
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We had lunch at Hengge’s home last Sunday.

9 thoughts on “Eric is in New York

  1. This week is a bad time to visit New York. Forecast for today: high of -6° C , low of -14° C.

  2. :) I am penguin. I can easy deal with the coldness. However, it’s really cold.

    Yes, I was planning for some place in europe, like greece or spain, in later time (spring or early summer).

    But I got the NorthWest Airline promotion email in early Janurary. ShanghaiNYC roundtrip is only 4,050 CNY (500 USD plus) before tax and surcharges. So in less then three seconds, I said “ok, i am going to new york”.

  3. $500!?! That’s pretty cheap. Was it a direct flight? My flight (Washington, D.C to Shanghai via Chicago and Tokyo) was $765 three years ago.

    Personally, I wouldn’t fly anywhere (except for the southern semisphere) for vacation in the winer. Winter is brutal outside and I prefer sitting in front of a fireplace with my hot chocolate.

  4. It’s -3C in Boston today and the guy on the Weather Channel was calling it a heat wave.

  5. Hi,

    why don’t you post something about the coming Spring Festival

    I read what you wrote in 2005 and was very useful to understand was is going to happen in the next days

    thanks nico

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