Some Blogs about V2EX

Just spent some time to use Google Blog Search to get some comments about V2EX, after it is unplugged by the “big guy”.

Look at the angry people here. When a pure technical forum full of geeks and technical guys are monitored and finally shut down, who can claim to be safe? Who is the next? From the first day, bloggers should be prepared to be shut down at any time. I am prepared, at least.

11 thoughts on “Some Blogs about V2EX

  1. If google fails in China finally, can I regard it as “MUST DO EVIL IN CHINA”?

    If so, I shall leave.

  2. As I remember, there are also some pure technical sites blocked by GFW., it is a linux kernel learning site, I can access it in Microsoft corpornet but not at home(ADSL).

    At the beginning of 2006, was banned. It is said that the reason is to prevent people comparing FreeBSD and the Kirin OS, which claimed to be a great research project but in fact a copy of FreeBSD…

  3. don’t wear a hat that’s too big for your head! one just wishes one has the guts to write/do something that’s right enough to get oneself banned/unplugged by the “big brother”, unfortunately one seldom does!

  4. Carsten, there is only one English site (marked), and all the other are Chinese.

    V2EX is back, after Livid setup a server outside China. The server has been physically removed from the IDC.

  5. such a rubbish bureau, I hate the way they “make money”

    maybe it’s the end of the year, they need some “pocket money” to prepare the “red bag”

  6. sometimes i really feel disappointed on those inhumane things done by my government–especially things like blocking various of websites that are very helpful for spreading sociological knowledge and information under the excuse of safeguarding national security.

    anyway,we can do nothing to those “big guys ” except for protesting on bbs with extreme and dirty words.

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