Night Chat at Hanyuan Bookstore

Hanyuan Bookstore is a great bookstore, and a nice cafe. It is almost the equal place as the Bookworm in Beijing.

Tonight, four persons chat in the great place, as Professor Chan put it, it is a “space of humanity”.

Xiaobo, journalist from 21st Century Business Herald, Professor Yuen Ying Chan, director of Journalism and Media Studies Center of The University of Hong Kong, and Tony Lee of Cheung Kong School of Journalist and Communication Shantou University. The forth person is me.


About Hanyuan

Hanyuan Bookstore is at #27, Shaoxing Road 绍兴路27号。They have a Chinese FAQ.

It is both a bookstore, and a cafe. The topic of the bookstore is about Shanghai.

Their telephone is 64732526.

BTW, the Shaoxing Road is a nice road (single way road from west to east). It connect the Shaanxi Road (a nice road with Phenix Trees), and Ruijing Er Road. In short, that area is a typical Shanghai residence. For visitors, I highly recommend to visit that area.

3 thoughts on “Night Chat at Hanyuan Bookstore

  1. Yes. It is a nice place.

    We mentioned “Place of humanity” when we compare Hong Kong and Shanghai. Prof. Chan said “humanity” needs space like this (the Hanyun Bookstore) to grow…

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