I Got a Tax Summary!

I received a mail – paper based mail.

It is from the Tax Bureau of the Shanghai Municipal Government.

In the mail is a list of the total tax I paid in 2006 from Feb to Dec.

I was surprised to see how much tax I paid for the government. I never receive this tax report for a year before.

Something interesting is, on the left bottom, there is a sentence in big font, and in both Chinese and English.

It reads:

Thank you for your contribution to China’s flourish and prosperity.

For the first time, I got an annual summary from the government, and at least a “written” thank-you for “my contribution”.


19 thoughts on “I Got a Tax Summary!

  1. How does the income tax system work in China? Do people to file for taxes once a year? Is there a “Internal Revenue Service” government branch that enforces tax laws? How about sales tax?

    Please do a blog post regarding the taxes in China.

  2. I got it too.

    Jianshuo, have you declared your EXTRA income tax — for annual income summary > RMB120,000?


  3. Hah, that’s great! I have a hunch that the money really does contribute to “flourishing and prosperity”, as opposed to here, where it contributes to military invasions. :chuckle:

  4. hi Mr Wang,

    nice to know you from internet, I just arrived in shanghai no so long ago, may i ask you one question:

    what kind of purified water is better for daily drink? I mean the brand. Would be appreciated if you could reply my post, I will be back tomorrow.

    thanks and regards,


  5. yes, they said thank you, but you should be asking: what did i get for my hard earned tax dollars? nice roads? nice hospital beds? nothing! keep in mind that the chinese bureaucracy is estimated to have spent over 30 billion yuan alone on entertainment expenses in the last year.

  6. The postscript printed at the bottom of your tax form is politically incorrect!

    It can construe as a deed from the government, and theoretically, the individual tax payer can challenge the government the appropriation of his or her batch of tax dollars to the activities other than ‘flourishing and prosperity’. This can create chaos in government administration.

    The western countries deem the taxation is the duty and obligation of every citizens and not a contribution of wealth subject to glorification.

  7. Interesting! l bet only the people who contribute a good amount get to receive a letter like this. Is it true? what ‘s the trigger amount then? J

  8. Interesting! l bet only the people who contribute a good amount get to receive a letter like this. Is it true? what ‘s the trigger amount then?

  9. 呵呵,您的报道真及时,接到此信,一个感觉:



  10. A Chinese government sent it’s citizen tax list in English, this news is worthwhile to ponder.

  11. I think that you can replay to tax bureau , it would read like this:

    “Thank you for your contribution to the ‘people of the whole country studies English’ movement.”

  12. Janice:

    It depends on whether i’s per month or per annum and whether it’s US dollars or Chinese yuan.

  13. i received a paper too. i also pay a lots income tax. i am used to it, the income tax in china is so high.but we can not change it ,just like the stamp tax collected on stock market. the data in 2007 is more than the total in the past ten years. and it is more than the profit of all list enterprises in 2007. i donot want to say anything about to our government. i believe the common wish is hope the goverment will do something benefital to us.come from the civil and go to civil.

  14. continue to the above:

    fortunately last night the government announce a policy:decrease the stamp tax from 0.3percent to 0.1percent.and with this policy the stock of china is rising immedicately today morining. so many shareholders are happy .at least they have the chance to reduce their loss from the stock market. i am one of them .in less three months ,my money reduced at a 50percent discount .i swear if i can save my loss ,i will never entry the stock market ,it has a big risk.

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