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There are some pause (irregular posting) in the last few days. There are several reasons. The major one is, I spent a lot of effort to launch Kijiji’s new forum At the starting of a new community, people need to put more effort to make sure the community is healthy.

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  1. Hi, Jian Shuo,

    When I visited your new Kijiji’s new forum, this question came up to me.

    Is there any Chinese web sites have same function as “Yahoo group”? I checked the Chinese version of Yahoo, I didn’t find the “Yahoo group” function there. Did I missed it or they just don’t have it?

  2. hi:

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  3. From Franklyn Taylor.

    Bujumbura Refugees Camp

    Room 032 Liberia Camp 3.

    Accra Ghana.

    Hi ,

    Greetings & Compliments,


    My name is Franklyn Taylor, 24, Single Gen., I am contacting you in my good faith because I need your assistance seriously and urgent my Good one.. Late Sir. Beuford M. Taylor, a well known Gold merchant in Monrovia, Liberia is my Daddy. My Daddy was killed on the 7th May 2004 by the Liberian Rebels on gunshots been Ordered by the former President of Liberia and a Human Terrorist Charles Taylor my worst Enemy,

    who is now undergoing trials at the United Nations Court for War Crimes against humanity After been Arrested at Nigeria . Daddy was killed because he refused to support those Rebels Financially for the purchasing of arms for the Rebel movements against S. Doe.

    A year earlier before Daddy was killed, we Lost Mummy on December 2002, on a Car Accident in Liberia. It was terrible . I don’t wanna remember those stories please. But let me tell you what i need ok.

    After Daddy’s Death some Family Friend and Daddy’s friends only focus on Daddy’s Money. trying to direct me in Different ways , but Our Family Lawyer Barrister Jude Kadama,Don’t allow much happen, Then he Took us to the City Capital Hotel in Monrovia, where we stayed, But he was later Killed during the war as the News Flows the Town. It seems like the World End until we meet M/S Bridget Akwansa, A Ghanaian Lady, She is Business woman,She also stay at the City Capital Hotel where we met Her. She love my Sister and she knew our Condition for that time. She always Advise me to move to Ghana with Her during our stay with her in the Hotel.

    For our safety as the Crisis continues we move to Ghana by the help of M/S Bridget Akwansa , We arrived Ghana with her stayed with Her at Her Rented Apartment down town Madina Accra , Later She started treating us like Slave, very Badly that you can’t think she will do to me and my sister, so Bad.

    But I later met with some Liberians in Ghana who show me the Bujumbura Camp where Many Other Liberians Stay, We moved there & rented a room apartment and stay there up till now at the Camp.


    Meanwhile Before my Daddy’s Death, he ve’ informed me about His fortunes which he Deposited in Ghana With a Security company for a Security reasons during the the Crisis in Liberia. Items Includes:

    A Trunk Box Containing Kilos of pure Gold & Jewell .

    Valuable Case which contains Euro2.9m [Tow Million, nine Hundred Thousand Euros].

    These Treasury are still in the Vault of this security company, I have been there to meet with the Management Board for some verifications & confirmations of the Documents which i have with me covering the Deposit . Meanwhile as foreigner,I want You to stand as my foreign Business Partner to my Late Daddy or beneficiary to those Treasury ,so that the security Company will Release those Belongings to You & move it to your Country.

    I will be the happiest Man if you can help us on this Claim, so that we can returns back to live , and move back to School in your country. You will then stand as our sponsor. that is what i m asking you for.

    I know the Security company will Believe Foreigners,Because Blacks so much believe the white Foreigners here.

    You will contact the Security company as i will give you there contact Address and Telephone numbers. Requesting then to release Those Items, You will stand as my Daddy’s Partner & that is the major reason i contacted you.

    I will release all the Legal documents Backing your claims which I have here with me upon the receipt of your Reply if you Agreed to help us out . You must get some percentage as your rewards from this Treasure, After the Release.

    Also give me your name and telephone numbers so I can call and explain better how you can help me better.

    Thank you so much & God Bless you.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Franklyn Taylor.

  4. HI FRANK,


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