Photo: Dog under Sunshine


This note is for carsten, and for everyone to give you some clue about these pictures.

Today, I put my quilt to the garden to have Sun warm it. And I put my little dog – a dull dog – on to it. Then I found it really looks relaxing and hope to have more time like it.

It is not a real dog though.

13 thoughts on “Photo: Dog under Sunshine

  1. Hahahaha! That’s what (one of the things, at least) I love so much about this blog, Jian Shuo. We never know what to expect.

    Dezza, I’m with you — looks like a real dog to me ;-)

  2. Well, what does it mean?

    Does it have to mean anything practical?

    I guess not. I would guess it means a state of mind…

    I hope I am right.

  3. To place the stuffed animals and comforters under the sun, it must for either sanitation or fumigation purpose. Jian Shuo must be so relaxing this weekend just to handle the house works.

  4. Let me explain it, since many people asked.

    It was sunny, and I put my comforters, and my stuffed animals out to the garden to sanitate them. The sun shine was wonderful yesterday.

    That’s it.

    And I took pictures of the dog – i found it very lovely, and I even envy about how happy the dog looked like – a dog in sunshine. I just wanted to share the nice moment with everyone, although it may look “stupid”. Hehe. No worry. I do stupid things all the time, just to make myself feeling happy.

  5. I don’t really understand the mentality of the Chinese regarding the sun and their comforters. When I first lived in Shanghai, I lived in a lane house near Huaihai and Maoming Road. I would see many Chinese people take their blankets and comforters outside and leave it on a lawn chair on a sunny day. I assume this is what JS is doing.

    What is the logic in “heating up” your blanket when it will get cold when you take it in? Also, wouldn’t the pollution in the air just dirty your blanket? I get my maid to wash my floors almost everyday and after 1 hour of walking in my apartment, my feet are brown again (foreigners don’t like using slippers). Woudln’t it be easier to just wash your bed sheets?

  6. Yup. I don’t get it either… i don’t know if this is a China or Shanghai thing but my ex BF’s mom do it all the time..taking their pillows, clothes and blanket/ comforter out into the courtyard for “sun-ing”. The reason (according to her) is because that will “kill the germs/ bacteria”. I am doing medicine and there is absolutely no logic in this. If anything, it only makes the linen dirtier. She doesn’t wash them because “it is not good”….

    I get screamed at whenever I close my door when the family starts smoking in the corridor (they think it will “dirty” the living room and their own bedroom and it sucks because my room is the only room along the corridor). The reason, it causes my room to stink due to the lack of air circulation?????

    I seriously think tehre is something wrong with the brains of Shnaghainese….they why smoke? So glad JS isn’t Shanghainese…coz these people have a very bad reputation not only in China but also overseas (unfortunately most foreigners can’t tell the difference).

  7. It is just a tradition. I am doing it all the time, and my parents are doing it. Maybe because the quilt was made of cotton, and the Sun helps the cells in the cotton to extend, and to hold more air, and become warmer? This does not apply to quilt other than cotten, I believe.

    To be honest, I am doing a lot of things, just as a habit or tradition. Your question made me think. Personally, I love to do it since it feels really much warmer for me at night.

    It is not about the heat left on the quilt. It is all about the quilt become more soft and bigger (in shape).

  8. Jian Shuo, i am like you to do things in habits.

    And i am very happy to read your blog.Best wishes!!

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