Hotel! Hotel! Hotel!

To travel in a different country is different than traveling in the same country, especially different from travelling to very familiar cities. This trip made me understand what is the most important stuff for people just arrived to a new city – “How can I get to my hotel, as fast as I can?”

I started to understand why many travellers asked me the question: “I will go to Shanghai on xxxx, and I will stay in xxxxxx hotel. Would you please tell me how I can get to xxxxxxx hotel from Pudong Airport?”

In an airport full of charaters you don’t understand, with people that you are not so easy to communicate, and with the jetlag, hungry/thirsty/tired, maybe the only thing that people care is, where is my hotel? My reserved hote!

Hotel is so sweet. For example, when we set our foots onto the land of Sydney, without checking anything else, we rushed to the IBIS hotel, and even slept for two hours.

So a guide to tell people how to get from Pudong Airport to their hotel must be very useful. Nothing more, nothing less, just a page with direction to get to THE hotel.

Airport ======> Hotel!

P.S. ibis is a very nice hotel. We stayed in

  • Hotel Ibis World Square, Sydney
  • Hotel Ibis Sydney Airport, Sydney
  • Hotel Ibis Melbourne
  • Hotel Ibis Brisbane

18 thoughts on “Hotel! Hotel! Hotel!

  1. That’s right. A good hotel may be the home of the travellers. Mr.Wang. Can you tell me what is the meaning of the word jeglag?

  2. True! i was having a hard time finding Yangtze Hotel when we arrived at Long Yang Road (after Maglev).

    PS: I don’t understand Chinese/Mandarin and neither did my friend. So we used signed language and a map. It worked great!

  3. I like to know your thoughts on the exchange rate between U.S. dollars and Chinese yuan. How do you feel about the fact that the yuan has been appreciating against the dollar?


  4. Can this be a big problem to those foreigner traveller?

    why they can not just simply find a TAXI, show the driver a card or a paper printed with the Hotel name, then sit back and wait?

  5. Then you might need to pay much more $ to get to your hotel. You know,taxi drivers always like to take outlanders to ‘travel’ the city you’ve just landed on.

  6. Still i don’t think the situation will be changed a lot even if the traveller has a guide map in hand. go to the hotel by metro / bus ? it seems not so realistic.

    I used to tell my friend to take the ORANGE-colored / Green-colored Taxi in shanghai when i were asked such question….Hiahia.

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  9. Jimmy, this won’t be a big problem for traveller if they know how the taxi fair is calculated. In San Francisco for example, taxi from the airport the heart of Sillicon Valley is something between 100 – 120 USD plus tip. If they know that Shanghai taxi costs only 20 – 30 USD at most, it will be much easier for them. However, I consistently found out how different the world is, and how little we know about other places. My Sydney trip was very challenging, although Sydney have done a much better job to help foreigners to visit the city.

  10. Wang Jian Shuo, thank u for your reply. so the guide information could be simplified as the local taxi fare system. The pudong govern. should put a post in the airport, saying:

    where to find my hotel?

    go ahead and turn left at the 1st cross, take the taxi, it will not cost u more than 30 USD.

    then everything is done. besides, the post should be donated by the taxi co. since they could have more income.

    Hiahiahia :D

  11. Jianshuo: Is that from SFO to the Valley? If so you might want to fly to SJC next time :)

  12. There is no direct flight from Shanghai to San Jose – just PVG-SFO. And it does not make too much sense to fly from SFO to San Jose. :-)

    So rent a car, taxi, caltrain may be the only choices.

  13. Hi..

    We are flying from Xi’an into PVG on Shanghai Air.

    We need to travel to the Astor House Hotel, No. 15 Huangupu Road, Shanghai.

    Do you have any suggestions??

    Thank you, Heather

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