I Love Koala!

Koala is so cute, so lovely, and so funny!

Koala embraces the tree branch tightly, like the branch is the great thing in the world for it.

Koala in the Dream World, Gold Coast, Queensland

Koala is shy and slow. Look at this one. It is moving from one branch of tree to the other, slowly, and gracefully.

The other one.

I share at least one habit with Koala – sleeping. A Koala sleeps as much as 20 hours a day. This lazy little guy falled sleep again.

This sleeping Koala is in the Tangaro Zoo in Sydney

I start to wonder what the Koalas are thinking about everyday. They seem to be very happy everyday with a smooth tree branch to stay, nice sunshine to keep them warm, and delicious tree leafs to eat… Seems pretty good life, isn’t it?

11 thoughts on “I Love Koala!

  1. I heard that they think about that day only, no past, no future. According to Arthur Schopenhauer, that is the reason of their happiness.

  2. Wow. It is a good attitude about their lives – no past and no future. By looking at them for a really long period of time, I feel very happy also. Koala is my favorite animal. They just look so cute.

  3. Actually – off the top of my head – seems that the Koala is ‘similar’ in ways to the Panda.

    Only eats certain types of gum leaves – very picky.

    Sleeps huge amount of hours per day.

    Cute… :-)

    Sure there must be more.

    Actually the Koala looks very ungainly when walking :-)

  4. Koalas are very cute too look at. But it should be noted that Koalas in captivity are much different to those in the wild.

    In the wild, they can be very, very agressive, especially around mating time (and the sounds they make can be very scary). Their claws are very dangerous. Also, they can move very fast when they want to. I used to live on 10-acres in Qld surrounded by National Park, and Koalas in our back yard were a very common experience (same with kangaroos). The best thing that humans can do for these beautiful marsupials is too leave them alone.

    My wife loved seeing Koalas in the wild in Victoria.

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