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Wendy and I went to Jinjiang Hotel to attend her friends’ wedding. Jinjiang Hotel is a nice and old hotel in Shanghai. The area of the Jin jiang Hotel has one of the best architectures of Shanghai. What a co-incident. Our wedding was held three years ago on the same Saturday in the hotel nearby.

I would recommend people to stay in this hotel – it is not fancy, but comfortable. It is of the best locations in Shanghai ,and is along the charming Huaihai Road.

Don’t get fooled by its three star status – it is a very nice hotel.

Jinjiang Hotel

59 South Maoming Rd



Tel: +86 (21) 6258 2582

Fax: +86 (21) 6472 5588

Metro: South Shaanxi Rd

Their price is very reasonable for meal. The dining rooms on the 14th floor are good.

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7 thoughts on “Jinjiang Hotel

  1. Quotation: “Experience almost 9000 km/hour speed when two Maglev passes each other…”.

    In this sentence, the speed should be written in “900 km/hour”…am I right?

  2. Jin Jiang may now be downgraded to 3 star. But in my youth, it was once the best hotel in Shanghai. All gates were guarded by securities. Only foreigners or people from HK could get in or out. I remember my first experience when entering the Jin Jiang Club across the street(now part of Garden Hotel) for the first time: It was a totally different world inside compared to outside, I felt, with all the luxuries that outside world couldn’t envision. This experience did help to stir up a teenager’s mind quite a lot. People were segregated according to their nationality and visa status. Mao Ming road was elegant and quiet then. It remains so today after 30 years. Jin Jiang Hotel kinda defined the standard of luxury 30 years back then.

  3. The significance of Jin Jiang Hotel is not its current rating, state of luxury, and all of the sorts of superficial features, but its rich historical presence in Shanghai’s history dating back from 100 years ago.

  4. I suppose Jinjiang is a 5 star hotel. Jinjiang dahua is 3 star. [1]

    [1]: Ctrip.com hotel reservation page.

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