Went to IKEA Again

I was an IKEA, especially when I just graduated and went to work. A major part of my first few months salary went to IKEA… For example, this was the picture in 2002. As recent as in 2004, I still did Bulk Purchase from IKEA.

Wendy and I went to IKEA again. Maybe, I didn’t visit IKEA in the last one year or so. I am no longer an IKEA fan. Now, most furniture in my home is NOT from IKEA, and my favorite color changed from white, to light yellow, and to brown.

Today, I really didn’t find anything to buy in IKEA’s large store. I know I am no long IKEA’s target customer.

What a circle – in 1998, I could only afford to buy some glasses, and candles in IKEA. Then I bought beds, bookshelf, carpet, TV cabinet – almost everything. In the end, almost 10 years since my first purchase in IKEA, it turned out I only want to buy small stuff like glasses or candles from IKEA. What a circle!

In the 10 years, IKEA started from a small shopping mall to a mega-store. Now IKEA is big, and always crowded with customers.

Look at current IKEA in Shanghai:

11 thoughts on “Went to IKEA Again

  1. Looks just like the IKEA stores in the US. I like IKEA. It’s cheap furniture and it looks good.

    And I love their Swedish meatballs!

  2. Haha,that may means you are richer and sophisticated. I love IKEA. I also love IKEA foods. I think IKEA is a lifestyle. It’s simple and happy.

  3. Once IKEA was a small company ! Believe it or not !


    And emagine that the establisher Ingvar Kamprad (now a wealthy old chap) has been an alcoholic for more than 25 years…

    Now he’s “dry” due to health reasons (what else, age perhaps ?), but he actually misses the boose a lot :-)

    And – Of course I have bought some from him through the times, but always annoying to come home with these very heavy cardboard boxes, and mess up the living room or what room ever, and then should put the furniture into one single piece (with drawers too).

    IKEA has never been a success for single women, who don’t have easy access to a strong “handyman”.

    But the concept spread, so now almost all furniture sales are sold in these boxes in Europe.

    I LOVE China for the fact that you can go into a furniture market, choose your stuff, and know that the transportation and the assembly is INCLUDED in the often very low price !

    In that way, IKEA sucks in China.

    And Jianshuo, I guess that’s why you don’t buy your stuff there anymore, right ?

    By the way, if you have some photos of the nice displays, instead of the ugly warehouse-like photos, please post them too.

    You could also explain the funny parking lot rules of IKEA… Sometimes free, other times not.

  4. :=) IKEA is still very competitive with the simple design and lower and lower price. Younger generation do like IKEA in Shanghai. Since photo is not allowed in the display area of IKEA, to take some photo of the warehouse is something I can do.

  5. Ni hao, JianShuo,

    nice to find out yor blogg. The only onest I Like from IKEA is “Billi” for my books…

    Tell a lttle bit from the all- days- life in Shanghai, please. I think that’s very interesting.

    Good luck and tsai tian

    : XiongShui

  6. The IKEA which set up near my house for a long time has been moved to a further area, so i will spend almost one hour going there.And for many Beijing people, the “new IKEA” is too far to get . The IKEA has changed from a heaven for walker to a shop for costomer.

  7. To put it simply, Ikea is for customers with lower to middle class income. Upper middle class or rich people are usually not fan of Ikea.

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