13 thoughts on “More Pictures from Qingdao

  1. jian shuo, you shown us a picture of classic street light fall in disrepair, I hope this is not the general attitude of people in Tsingdao towards the structures and buildings left by German and Japan before the war.

  2. A historical city? A modern city? A complex city? A simple city? Stephen’s comment gave me these questions.

  3. Qingdao is a historical city. It has many buildings left from 100 years ago.

    It is a modern city. It is a city for sailing, and it has famous brands in China. The new district is very modern.

    It is a simple city, since the life there is easy and the pace is slow. The Tsingtao beer is as cheap as bottled water.

    It is a very nice city.

  4. Thanks, JS! How interesting that is!

    I wonder what are those “river system” or “waterways” for? Irrigation? Fish farming? After all, I did not expect to see this in the northern part of China.

  5. They seem like some beautiful posters or advertisment backgrounds, really nice! You can choose one for the background

  6. I lived in Qingdao in the mid 90’s… A wonderful city for an expat new to China. Loved your photos… were some of the city taken from the Dongfeng Hotel? I stayed there for my first three weeks in China and the views look so familiar. Looks like the Number 1 Beach is as busy as ever. Thanks for rekindling some very fond memories of a wonderful time in my life….

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