Rujia Qingdao, Fuzhou Road

These are pictures of Rujia (Home Inn), the cheap business hotel chain in Qingao. The pictures are the Fuzhou Road hotel in Qingdao.

Rujia is one of the best cheap hotel inns in China. It provide free wireless network and cheap by clean rooms to stay. Their locations are not the best in every city, but reasonablely good. It is a hotel I turst. So recommend it to everyone – the price for a standard room is between 200 RMB to 300 RMB.

They have free Internet access.

Instruction on the network cable.

The two beds in a standard room

The pictures above are real pictures. Judge whether the hotel is the right one for you by yourself.

18 thoughts on “Rujia Qingdao, Fuzhou Road

  1. oh dear, I can see mildew clearly deposited on grout at the shower, this can down grade the hotel by one full demerit, cheap accommodation does mean comprising on cleanliness.

  2. If this is the standard material used for shower, then injury is inevitable, the floor of the shower should always use riven or split tile to avoid slippery, the tile with surface like sand paper, the mat is useless to prevent slip and often hides germs.

  3. Hi:

    This comment is not related to the current entry: Could you please give me the address of a Tibetan Buddhist Center in Shanghai?

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  4. I also recommend 锦江之星, which I stayed at in Shanghai for 1 month. I paid about $25 USD/day.

  5. where is the plush carpeting on the floor? I can’t sleep in a motel room without some carpeting, especially during the cold winter months. who wants to get out of bed to step on an ice cold floor.

    yes, the shower flooring looks like it would get extremely slippery. need to wear a protective football helmet while showering, knee and elbow pads.

  6. For $25 a night and you get this quality of accomodation I think is very good value. You cannot get any kind of accomodation less than $80 a night in North America. If you are cheap with your accomodation you really cannot complain; if you are willing to pay $250 a night you can garantee somthing very nice. What you pay is what you get.

  7. I agree with loretta, its good value for your money for 25 bucks. If I stay more then a week, will probably use it to save some money. however, for short term stay, say 2-3 days, probably need something a bit more upscale.

  8. stephen, What you pay is what you get! I quite agree with loretta and Tony. If you are well-fixed person, Why don’t you spend more money to enjoy a luxurious hotel? If you are poor, why don’t you save time of airing your opinion to earn money?

  9. hey guys, you just get on my nerve when you talk about you these . It can hardly affordable for many people in china to spend 25$ for one day accomodation. I for one, normally accomodate in hostels on a price about 10-15$ a night, to save money, i am satisfied what i have and feel good when i wake up somewhen in night and go bare foot to pee-pee.

    So i gonna query you motivation to complain so much on the Qos(Quality of service ^_-)…There is no need to show off here how much you can afford, or how luxious 5 or even 6 star hotel you’v experienced. it’s just your life

  10. please take note, not all Ru Jia hotels are allowed to accept foreigners as guests. only some of them do..i ran into this problem when i was in beijing.

    otherwise it is a pretty nice hotel like wang jianshuo said.

  11. shrek: haven’t you heard the term ‘ a carpet hides a thousand sins’?

    dirt, grime, liquids, stains and god knows what else could be lurking in the carpet. wood floors are much more hygenic!

    yes. you are susceptible to cold feet in the winter but that’s why chinese wear slippers at home or in hotels!

  12. Loretta, Tony & Juliet, I don’t think you catch my point.

    Cheap accomodation means less frills not necessarily less ideal. Home Inn is a franchise business and there must be thousands of rooms and showers built to the same specifications.

    In the hospitality business, the first rule is safety, so when they design a standard room, a mock-up room must be used to eliminate any possible hurts can be done to the guest during their stay in the hotel prior to massive building.

    The hotelier of Home Inn acknowledged the bathroom can be slippery when wet and mildew situation on grout yet did not rectify it. The solution should be very simple, to use ‘one-piece’ fibre-glass shower floor to avoid slippery and dark colour grout to hide the mildew, non of these measures will increase the building costs of the hotel but they have overlooked during mock-up stage. A typical error of not paying attention to the business.

    The installation of carpet or rug in the guest room has its advantages, it hide scratch and can serve as sound barrier and it last twice as hard wood floor.

    Just like buying a car, a cheap car does not mean it has to compromise on reliablity, just less fancy trims.

    At any rate, hope my explanation solve your allegations.

  13. Hi,

    i am planning to come to Qingdao. I wanted to know the average cost of living in Quindao. What amount of money I will have to pay for food,rent and living cost. Kindly enlighten me about Qingdao facts n figures. U can also reply me at


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