MSN Search Unavailable

MSN Search Unavailable

From a technical person’s point of view, for serve farms like MSN Search, even to put one this temporarily unavailable page is a big challenge – how many servers need to be configured to serve this page alone?

P.S. It is a technical article again, some kind of. I do enjoy to slip away from the Shanghai focus topic, when I found something really interesting for ME (maybe only me). Hope people don’t get annoyed. Anyway, it is still my PERSONAL blog. :-D

9 thoughts on “MSN Search Unavailable

  1. That doesn’t seem hard to do. Just configure that to be the default “unavailable” page, and then clone all the servers.

  2. Hey, found your blog recently by searching thats Shanghai magazine intro about Shanghai city. I do not read others’ blog. However; i find your blog is — ;-) well written and informative!

    lots of good information & URL inside your blog, esp for those people who are keen to visit Shanghai, its definitely a good tips! soooooo, i fwd to a friend of mine, who is totally blind in Chinese, can’t read, can’t speak but wish to visit Shanghai. I recommended him to visit your blog & thats Magazine to get some “basic” ideas about the city.

    Read your latest MSN…guess it doesnt matter the topic whether relate to Shanghai or not Shanghai. As long as it the interesting writting attracts readers keep reading…

    p.s : i am in IT field too.

    Keep it up! Cheers.

  3. My point was, even to show this message in a large data center in a graceful way requires some work, and need to be planned. It must be another server group behind the load balancer and firewall (since to configure application is too complicated, and often the application server have been shutdown alredy). Most data center don’t have enough “backup” servers, so the load to these servers must be very high during this period of time.

    Any small things will be very big for datacenter as large as MSN and Google.

  4. Well, this may slip into another topic.

    Do people in China have access to WordPress blogs now?

    Do you have to register your blog with the government?

  5. Still not, at least from my China Telecom ISP at home. People still need to register blog if you have a domain name. Bloggers on BSP does not need to register, but the BSP obviously needs to register and taket he reponsibility to control and censor the content on the BSP.

  6. hi this is completely unrelated but im gettin quite desperate! I have some sort of virus thing on my msn and computer that makes me have an automatic message everytime I talk to someone one MSN Messenger. It says some thing like: go to for cool msn names, they’re free! or something of the sort. i have no idea how it got onto my computer as I have never been to that site but its on here. I think i located the file but when i try to delete it, it says “acess denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not in use” now I have no idea what that means! pleeeease help and if you cannot, who should I ask? thanks, Katherine. just email me

  7. […]The offline scripting tool might add some relief here, but it’s still sort of a pain. I’ve had to separate “build” from “configuration” steps.[…]

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