Going to Movie (Cinema) in Shanghai

Where do I go to movie in Shanghai? I have two favorite places.

#1: Stellar Cinema City

Location: 8F,168 LuJiaZui Xi Rd.

Tel: +86-21-50478022

It is located at level 8 of the Super Brand Mall (near the Oriental Pearl TV Tower).

Every night after 9:00 PM, they offer 50% off. Very good deal. When we have time for a movie, it is often after 9:00 PM already.

They have many big halls in it, and most movies can be found there. I enjoy the theater a lot. It has almost the best equipments in Shanghai.

#2: Super Cinema World in Metro City at Xujiahui

Location: 5th Floor, of Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang road

Tel: 6426-8181, ext 200

It is a modern theater, and offers 50% off every Tuesday. But consider how long the lines will be before you go on Tuesday:

It has maybe the best location in the city – just at Exit 10 of Xujiahui Station of Metro Line #1.

I love this place, but it is always crowded.

I love these two locations because Wendy works in Xujiahui, and I worked there for 5 years, so the Super Theater is a great choice for us. For the one in the Super Brand Mall, it seems to be one of the other two theaters in Pudong, and its location is simply the best – there are a lot to do in that area. The 10-story Super Brand Mall is offers great choices for food.


There are other places that you can go to movies. They are also good. I just didn’t go there often since it is too far from where I work and live.

Golden Cinema-Friendship

5F, Friendship South Shopping Mall

7388 Humin Lu

Tel: 6412-0260

I visit this cinema often between 1999 and 2001, when I lived nearby. It is a good one. In the early years, it is often that there are only two or three persons watch movies in the theater. Now, it is much better.

Golden Cinema-Haixing

4F, Haixing Plaza

1 Ruijin Nanlu

Tel: 6412-0260

Studio City

Location: 10F, Westgate Mall, 1038 Nanjing Xilu

Tel: 6218-2173

Very nice one, and is on top of Westgate Mall. The plaza 66 and other great buildings are nearby.

Shanghai Film Arts Centre

Location: 160 Xinhua Lu, at Panyu Road cross

Tel: 6280-6088

This one is treated as the official cinema of Shanghai. Why “official”? It has the government background and the whole building was built as a cinema. It is the appointed venue for the opening ceremony of the last few Shanghai Film Festivals.

UME International Cineplex

Location: 4F, No.6, Lane 123, Xingye Lu

Tel: 6373-3333

It is at the heart of Xintiandi. The facility is so-so, not impressive at all.

Grand Cinema

216 Nan Jing Xi Rd.6

Tel: +86-21-63274260

Pretty historical (old) cinema

Heng Shan Cinema

Location: 838 Heng Shan Rd., Near Xujiahui

Tel: +86-21-54652849

This is an old one also. The price is very cheap, but the facility is of late 1990s. Never tried it before.

International Cinema

330 Hai Ning Rd.

Tel: +86-21-63243360

Paradise Warner Cinema City

6F Gateway Plaza,1Hongqiao Rd.

Tel: +86-21-64071165

Nextage Film Art Center

10F,501 Zhang Yang Rd.

Tel: +86-21-58360850

Peace Cinema

290 XiZangZhong Rd.

Tel: +86-21-63612898

I know this one well. It is located where I work everyday. It is at Raffles City Exit of the People’s Square Station of Metro #1 and #2. Location is good, but facility is so-so. To me, it is not suitable for the great location and great building it is in. It is funny that at the same place, there was an old theater in the last 100 years, before the area was pulled down and built the current Raffles City.

Cathay Theatre

Location: 870 HuaiHaiZhong Rd.

Tel: +86-21-54042095

This is really an old theater. If you want to find out the feeling of old Shanghai, go there.

That’s it. A pretty complete cinema list in Shanghai. Did I left any cinema out? I know. Something like Tianshan Cinema. I just don’t want to bother to write about it – a normal old style cinema and old facility…

Have a great time in Shanghai and do go to one of the cinemas.

15 thoughts on “Going to Movie (Cinema) in Shanghai

  1. The Peace Cinema at Raffles City is *very* expensive. Me and my wife like the Paradise Warner Cinema City in the Grand Gateway. The facilities are very nice and up-to-date, and movies are half-price after 10pm and on Tuesdays. Maybe we will try the theater in Metro City next time, though.

  2. Micah, I agree. It is one of the most expensive cinemas in Shanghai. Anyway, it has the best location.

    Another interesting story to share. I went to Nextage Film Art Center. We bought tickets, and they gave me seat at the second row, right in the middle. I asked for better seat – not too close to the screen, and they answered: “There are only three rows in the cinema”.

    It turned out that there are really three rows of seat, with about 7 seats per row.

  3. yeah, i had my first date with my wife at the peace cinema ( the old one) way before it was torn down.

  4. Hi, I will visit Shanghai in October. I am American with a Shanghai wife, living in the US, and we will visit her family. Shanghai is a great place, I have been there several times. Anyhow, my Chinese is bu hao! So, if they are showing an American film, do the movies have English soundtrack with Chinese subtitles?



  5. greg, most American movies are shown with original soundtrack and Chinese subtitles. They provided the choice.

    guncn, yes, there is one IMAX in the Peace Cinema – really huge one.

  6. Last week we saw Garfield 2. They had several showings in English with subtitles, and several showings dubbed into Chinese. So no prob!

  7. We watched Spiderman II on IMAX in the Peace Cinema. It was great. My husband is also a laowai who speaks basically no Chinese. The regular screens at the Peace Cinema showed Spiderman II with either English subtitle or English soundtrack if I remember it correctly but the IMAX version was dubbed with no English subtitles. That didn’t matter though as when the mouth is THAT big you can basically read what they are saying. For most films though it is pretty easy to find versions with English subtitles. I highly recommand watching action films on IMAX there.

  8. I am currently in shanghai but i cannot figure out when the IMAX Films are scheduled. And does anybody knows if tranformers is with E subtitles?

  9. Hi ,how about foreigners go to see chinese movies with English subtitle? Is it possible in any cinema in Shanghai?

  10. Well,here is my story: we where goin in peace cinema and i got this old chinese dude sitted near me when we where in half of the movvie he called for almoust the rest of the movie,i am like”are you f*cking serious?” but well is chinese culture i most learn it if i am in china…..:-)

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