Dinner with Middle School Friends

11 years since we graduated from high-school. Or to be more accurate, 11 years from the “Black July” – I mean the Entrance Exam for Colleges.

Shen Jie, Xiaogong, Ziheng, Dingding, Zhiming and I, 6 of the 10 classmates in Shanghai got together. Our last year’s 10 year anniversary party in Qingdao didn’t happen last year, since I suddenly became very busy, so we have to plan our 15 year anniversary of graduation in the year of 2010.

It’s always nice to meet with old friends.

P.S. Typhoon is coming. Wind blows outside window. I hope this time, not too many people complain about my “policitally incorrectness“.

P.S. 2 Quote of the day: “Plan is always useless, but planning is useful”.

3 thoughts on “Dinner with Middle School Friends

  1. Hope the typhoon cools things off in Shanghai.

    My, what a strange name which is so confusingly similar to ‘Dingdong’. is Dingding a boy or a girl?

  2. It is a good thing to meet the old friends. In fact most of us lack the precious chances to do it in the real society, for having too much things to deal with everyday. What a pity!

  3. Good work !

    I like your way of writing…

    I think this is useful for people to remember to his past time which will spent with good friends.

    thanks for your good work.

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