Exciting Donghai Bridge and New Habor City

What is my favorite suburb place to go in Shanghai (with the context that I have a car)? It changes along with time. Here are some places on my previous favorite list:

  • Sheshan 佘山, the only mountains in Shanghai. Don’t laugh if you know it is only 99 meters high – 1/2 of the building I work everyday, and 1/4 of the tallest building in this city. They just built a wonderful lake nearby.
  • Fengxian 奉贤 Sea Shore. It is south of Shanghai. You can see the sea there – the sea is yellow, and there is no way that you can swim there. Recently, the local government spent huge to bring sands from Dalian 大连 and created a artifical sand land there. Hope the water will be better.

Now my list added a new one – Dong Hai Bridge and nearby Habor City. Let me tell you how to get there, and what you can expect in this new land in Shanghai. I recommend you to go there and experience.


By Car: use A20, and turn A2. It is the end of A2. There is a large conjunction at southeast corner of A20 ring road. It has two branches, one is A1, going to Pudong Airport, the other is A2, going to Donghai bridge.

From Pudong Airport: They just opened a new shuttle bus, Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus No. 8, connecting Pudong Airport (PVG) to Dong Hai Bridge.

From downtown: Take Metro #2, and transit to Longgang Express 龙港快线.


More photos

Update May 3, 2006

Here are more pictures taken by Run Liu or Linda.

Photograph by Linda or Run Liu

6 thoughts on “Exciting Donghai Bridge and New Habor City

  1. Hello to you from Norway!

    I have been reading yur blog for about two months, and I find it very interesting. As I was going to Shanghai in April, I started to look for information about the city on the net and this way found your blog. I had a very nice trip to Shanghai, Xitang, Zhouzhang, Guilin, Yangshou and Beijing in April. And from your blog I have learnt very much about Shanghai and China. Thank you for giving all this useful and intersting information! When I go back to Shanghai, it will help me to plan even better what to do and see!

  2. Hello Jian Shuo,

    I am a reporter from the U.S. who has been reading your blog. I am interested in talking with you about your Mashup Camp.

    I would be glad if you have time to exchange some email with me about this? I’m simply interested in confirming that it happened and hearing how it was and if you plan to help organize future Mashup Camps.

    Thank you, Kathleen

  3. Kathleen, the organizer for Mashup Camp in Nanjing is Robert Mao, and the one to be held on May 20 in Hangzhou will be organized by Pang Xiaowei. I will forward their emails to you.

  4. Your web is the faster one I can open here In Singapore, which give me some kinf of comfort, I’ll stay here for another 40 days, reading something from mainlan give me good feeling. is there anything you want to get from Singapore?/? let me know,, please

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