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I know many people will like this post. It is about cheap hotels in Shanghai. I talked about fancy 5-star hotels before, but of cause, people who stay there may not bother to check out articles on this website.

As I said, I haven’t stay in any hotel in Shanghai, so I don’t have hand-on experience. Today, I found a good page B14 of April 26, 2006 on Shanghai Times 申江服务导报 on cheap hotels in Shanghai. Let me quote some data there.

Jin Jiang Inn 锦江之星

It is one of the oldest cheap hotels in Shanghai. They have 26 hotels in Shanghai so far.

Price: 178 – 238 RMB

Reservation: +86-40082099999 (24 hours)


They provide Internet access, 0.3 RMB/minute, 30 RMB/day

Breakfast: 15 RMB/person.

Jian Shuo’s Personal Comment:

There is a Jin Jiang Inn at Pudong Airport, and one at Pudong (Huamu Road 花木路). They are very good – nice from outside. It is very similar to the next two hotels I will introduce. I didn’t see too much difference between them.

Motel 168 莫泰168

It has the best decoration among the three (Jin Jing Inn, Motel 168, and Rujia).

Breakfast: 25RMB / person

Price: 168 RMB – 298 RMB


Jian Shuo’s Personal Comments:

Motel is very modern, with nice decoration and colorful rooms. They have the walls painted in light green, light blue, and sometimes red.

Reservation: 800-820-7168

Rujia Hotel (Homeinn) 如家快捷酒店

This is a simple, but very widely distributed hotel. They are started by the same group of people who started (NASDAQ: CTRP)

Highlight: They provide free Internet access.

Breakfast: 10 RMB

Room Price: 178 – 238 RMB

Reservation: 800-820-7822


Jian Shuo Wang’s comment:

I have many friends, who only stay at Rujia. The guys in always stay in this hotel, no matter it is one person, or a group of 20 people. It is their default choice of hotel. So I believe it may be better than other two (Disclaimer again, I never stayed in any of them).

The only problem is, it is very hard to reserve. It seems to me that their occupation rate of rooms must be more than 95%. So do book ealier.

Good Luck

These three hotels are all clean, safe, and convenient. Most and more people are staying in these hotels. If you don’t have enough budget to stay in a fancy hotel, I highly recommend these three to you.

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46 thoughts on “Cheap Budget Hotel in Shanghai

  1. in fact, i really like more your blog for ohters,because you can bring us many convenece at all the time,thank you.jiaoshuo.

    i will plan to visit at shanghai,but i am worried of looking for one hotel.because it is my first time to come to shanghai this year!

    now that is the end! i can find more useful information by the post! thank you again!

  2. Yes,I have ever booked the Motel 168 for my friends.Above mentioned hotels are all not bad. economical, clean and safe.Many foreigners also go there.

  3. ok info but these are not the cheapest hotels in Shanghai though…there are a lot more hotels/hostels that are cheaper (i.e. captain hostel)..

  4. If you look for a very good location, like 3 star hotel in shanhai, with price around 200 RMB? don’t hesitate,just call me in Shanghai.

    My mobile:13661874050

  5. ….and how about finding an all man hostel? That would be better. Thanks. No moody women receptionists to deal with.

  6. Ru Jia (home inns in english) is a great hotel . i’ve been to a few all over china (guangzhou, shenzhen, beijing, tianjin) and the standards at all of the hostels are the same. very highly recommended.

    be warned, not all Home Inns will let you stay if you’re a foreigner. some have the necessary license and some don’t nso it’s best you asked beforehand.

  7. I had a friend say to keep a eye out for 168 hotels which for the most part were $20 USD when we were there and I am realy glad as these really cheap hotels in China saved us big bucks!

  8. Hi! Can you help me out which is the nearest location of Motel 168 to the Bund? I will be in Shanghai by AUgust. Thanks

  9. Hi can some one tell me the co-ordinates of a good budget hotel under US$ 50 per night in Pudong area?? I need to be in Shanghai on 24 and leave on 27th March.Thanks


  10. I may be visiting Shanghai sometime in Oct to Dec 2009 and i need to stay in a cheap motel or inn as this is my 2nd time going to Shanghai.

  11. Please note my destination is Jhen Jiang

    Woould stay few days at Shanghai,Looking for ahotel around 170 – 190 Rm

    Neat &clean.


  12. Am travelling shanghai during first week of october.

    will stay at zhong dian hotel, 1029 Laoshan Xi Road, Shanghai

    i’ve a meeting at 720 Pudong Ave., Suite 11 M&N, Pudong District, Shanghai, 200120

    how to go there??

    wats the approx distance between the two address?

    could anyone help me?

  13. Dear.Sir

    we are person 10.

    and we will come to shanghai 22-26 october .

    we want cheap room for all of person (suite or room 2).

    can you help me.?



  14. Hi

    Can anybody tell me that where i can find the mobile accessory market in china. Also please let me know about the cheap and best hotel around the market.


  15. hi! i have a friend in shanghai that offer homestay in jinqiao heze road, east kaijiao road- changdao road,¥1400.00/month; If you are interested please contact 62185426 or mail

  16. which hotel would you recommend? we goin on holiday near there and would love to stop over at one of the hotels.. pls let me know which and where?

  17. Alex:

    There some non-star hotel in ShangHai,some rest house or gusethouse may cost about 180RMB,it is about US$30.If you want to find these hotel you can ask the stranger with “招待所”.

  18. Daer Sir we are looking for budget hotel in guangzhou, shenzhen, beijing, tianjin please can kindly requiment the hotel for us pleae

    thansk for support


  19. I’m a student.Next month i’ll go to Shanghai and stay there for a week.So, somebody can recommend me a budget hotel here?

  20. Hi, me and my girl friend are visiting shanghai on september for a week. we are looking for something like homestay, we jsut need one kitchen a bathroom and a bedroom. could you pls help me with what options do we have??

  21. Hi Bonas,

    We have a room available, our house is just 5minutes a way from the metro station. You may contact me if you are interest. My email address is Looking forward for your reply.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  22. Hi, We are a couple and are visiting shanghai on september for 3 days. We are looking for something like homestay, we jsut need one kitchen a bathroom and a bedroom. could you pls help me with what options do we have??

  23. Hi,

    I am looking for a cheapest rate hotel or motel in Shanghai… not so far from Metro train…

    We just need a place to stay overnight on Sunday evening. 4person/room is okay.

    Could you help me find this place?

  24. Choosing the right Ouarzazate hotel can be frustrating, especially for first-time travelers who don’t always have a clear idea of what they want.

  25. i am visiting shanghai in October around 13th, can anyone recommend me budget hotel(around 250/dayrmb), near to subway…

  26. hi could any one tell me which one is the best budget hotel in Shanghai, I am planning to stay there for 3 days. I am alone and looking for safe place in the city.

    what are the best attractions in shanghai?

  27. HI, I will be visiting Shanghai on Nov 2-10, 2011. Will be attending events at the Shanghai International Convention Centre in Pudong district. I will have 3 days free for touring.

    Can you provide me with this information?

    1. Which is the nearest airport to the convention centre?

    2. Which good budget hotel is near the convention centre would you recommend?

    3. What places of attractions would you recommend to visit in Shanghai?

    Thank you.

  28. OK these are a little higher in the prices stakes but you can find big reductions in prices for 4* and 5* accommodation if you go to They offer up to 75% off hotels because they are part of the Bao Steel Group. Easy to deal and big saving if you want a big of luxury.

  29. Dear.Sir

    we are person 2.

    and we will come to shanghai 6th October 2011 . We are coming for visit centrifugal pump and deep well submersible pump manufacturing industry. its may be near Hutai Road,Shanghai,China.

    we want cheap room .

    can you help me.?


    Md. Nazrul Islam

  30. Dear Sir

    I want to visit Shinghai fro 4-8 Dec 2011, We are 5 peoples (Me and wife, Parents and 1 Child), could you please suggest me the cheapest but reasonable hotel in SHinghai, I want to look around the Shinghai downtown so the hotel should be near to the ceter and also near to metro network.


  31. Dear Sir

    I want to visit Shinghai fro 4-8 Dec 2011, We are 5 peoples (Me and wife, Parents and 1 Child), could you please suggest me the cheapest but reasonable hotel in SHinghai, I want to look around the Shinghai downtown so the hotel should be near to the ceter and also near to metro network.


  32. I am going to visit Shanghai on March19-22, 2013; looking chepest hotel near by No.1388 Hua Mu Road Pudong, Shanghai, China, 201204.

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