4 thoughts on “OOB in the Next Two Days

  1. Yes, the sun was great !!!

    After brushing and washing away the coal-and-concrete airborne dust on the terrace floor, I was reading a good book, wearing shorts and bare feet, until the sun hit the pollution layer at 4:25PM. Then it stopped to send out any more heat, and the temperature dropped 4 degrees in 10 minutes.

    The sun is supposed to set at official time 6:23PM.

    ?? Who have ever seen the sun set in the real HORIZON of Shanghai ??

  2. It is always great to feel the sun on your face wherever you are in the world.

    Especially when riding your bike or relaxing after a ride.

    I have friends involved in the Chongming Cycling Tour 15th -19th April.

    I have been searching in vain for results via the internet. Web sites for newspapers such as Shanghai Daily have only International sporting results.

    Maybe you have been to Chongming Island the last 2 days to see the race.

    Can you send me daily race results or a local sports online results service?

  3. G’Day Jianshuo,

    I should have introduced myself yesterday.

    I live in Melbourne, Australia, the home town of the Drapac Porsche Cycling Team which is currently competing in Chongming Cycling Tour.

    In my efforts to get some news / results regarding the cycling race I came across your fabulous blog. I find we have a number of common interests & I’ll continue, I hope, to visit your site.

    Your photos of your cycling trip to Chongming Island have given me a great tour & appreciation of where the team is racing, the types of roads etc. Prior to that the best view I had was via Earth Google & an article regarding the development at Dongtan. It was interesting to read your comments in your Chongming Hotel posting a few years back when you said that nobody ever goes there. Now with the tunnel to be constructed, Dongtan, re-settlement of people from Three Gorges Dam area & World Fair in 2010 I guess there will be many more visitors than you imagined back in 2003.

    I have received some information via email regarding the race (team is doing very well) but it has been good to make contact with your blog.

    Hoo Roo,


  4. Tom, nice to hear from you, and welcome the cycling team to Chongming from your home city. I didn’t hear any news about the race so far. I even didn’t know there is a race there before you posted. The road on the island is perfect for road racing – not many cars on the island. Hope you can get back to this site frequently.

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