Run, Linda, Jack Visited My Home

Run, Linda and Jack visited my home (to be more exact, my garden) this afternoon. Happy about that. The Sun of spring shines perfectly and we were happy to eat banana (my favorite), and apple (Wendy‘s favorite) under my big umbrella.

I took every minute in the middle to complete my reading of Yuhua’s new book: Brothers.

Then we went to the Centuary Park. It starts to become crowded in Spring. There are people everywhere. So we jumped onto a boat.

Below: Jack on boat.

Below: The Xiangmei Garden tower

Podlook Office

The other highlight of the day is to visit Jack Gu’s office. They created in the small room. I joked, when was sold, their office may be similiar to this one.

I took some pictures. Hope this helps to record the starting point of a future famous company.

Above: I draw this big head boy on their wall. There are many drawings on their wall already. No wonder the first sentence Wendy said was “Am I in New York?”

Xiang joined us later. I became aware that everyone on this picture used to or is working for Microsoft.

More pictures of the visit.

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