World Financial Center – Part II

Last Friday, I had important meeting at the Grant Hyatt in the Jin Mao Tower. I was told of the meeting in the morning, and directly rushed to the tower. (I was actually sent an email 22:00 PM or later the previous day, while I was at 5G Review).

I found it is long before my last time taking random pictures while I move in the city. Maybe Dan Li is right. I suffer from burnout a little bit, so I don’t have time to pay attention to the details of life. The May holiday is not far. So… I believe I can have a good rest in that 7 days.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Before entering Jin Mao tower, I noticed (obviously) that the Shanghai World Financial Center is much taller than the last observation

It is around 20 floors so far. It is not a short building already, but it is only at its very early stage in the 101 floor plan.

From the second floor (where the big conference room and ball rooms reside) of the Jin Mao Tower, looking east, you get this great scene:

The taller neighbor of Jin Mao Tower is growing taller and taller.

Jin Mao Tower in the Previous Night

Look at the moon between the Jin Mao Tower (on the left) and the meeting facility buliding on the right.

Life in a City with Many High-Raising Building

Many people like high-raising buildings. So do I. I was keen to learn the name of all skyscapers, and metrics about the building. However, recently, I mean in the last one year, I start to get bored of the high buildings. Just like the Moon by Jin Mao Tower picture shows, it is not as pleasant to me as the picture of a Chinese ancient-style garden.

More than 6000 tall buildings (more than 11 floors) were built in Shanghai between 1990 and 2004.

Here is the list of top 50 higest buildings in Shanghai by

01. Oriental Pearl TV Tow..

02. Jin Mao Tower

03. Shimao International ..

04. Plaza 66

05. Tomorrow Square

06. Hong Kong New World T..

07. Bocom Financial Tower..

08. Grand Gateway Shangha..

09. Grand Gateway Shangha..

10. Bank of Shanghai Head..

11. Maxdo Centre

12. International Ocean S..

13. Bank of China Tower

14. Raffles Square

15. Changfeng Hotel

16. Shanghai Dong Hai Pla..

17. World Finance Tower

18. King Tower

19. Pudong International ..

20. Sofitel Jin Jiang Ori..

21. Nan Zheng Building

22. Lippo Plaza

23. Shanghai Sen Mao Inte..

24. Huaxia Financial Squa..

25. Huaxia Financial Squa..

26. Golden Magnolia Plaza..

27. Radisson Hotel Shangh..

28. Golden Bell Mansion

29. World Plaza Shanghai

30. Bund Center

31. Wenxin United Press B..

32. The Center

33. Lan Sheng Building

34. Lansheng Building

35. China Insurance Build..

36. CITIC Square

37. CAAC Pudong Tower

38. Bao’an Tower

39. Huaneng Union Tower

40. Shanghai Futures Buil..

41. China Merchants Tower

42. Shanghai China Mercha..

43. Aurora Plaza

44. Pudong Development Ma..

45. Ciro’s Plaza

46. Union Square I

47. Union Square II

48. Pudong Shangri La Hot..

49. Citigroup Tower

50. Shanghai Property Inf..

5 thoughts on “World Financial Center – Part II

  1. when the building is complete how many feet will it be? Will it be taller than the soon to be freedom tower? thanks.

  2. Thanks for your insightful coverage. I have blogged some of this info on I am a graduate student in Portland, Or, USA majoring in sustainable development, international (asia-focused) business, logistics, and Chinese (hard).

    I am fascinated by the expanding market occuring in China and this building in particular as it a great example of the whole environment of growth and expansion and economic movment.

    I will be there with my Graduate program in March–“PSU MIM”–hopefully we can meet then!

  3. I was thinking of looking up some of them newspaper websites, but am glad I came here instead. Although glad is not quite the right wordÂ… let me just say I needed this after the incessant chatter in the media, and am grateful to you for articulating something many of us are feeling – even from distant shores.


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