Yangtze Hotel is Good

screen-wangjianshuos.pick-logo.pngTo be honest, I am not familiar with hotel in Shanghai at all – I never, ever stayed in any of the hotels, because I live here. Unfortunately, hotel recommendation is the most frequently asked question.

I helped to arrange my friend and his family in Yangtze Hotel yesterday. Today, his feedback to the hotel is really good. So I feel safe to recommend it to my readers.


Yangtze Hotel 扬子饭店

Yangtze is named after the Yangtze River – the longest river in China.


Although I never been to the room of the hotel, one thing I can confirm is, you cannot easily find a hotel that has better location than this one. It is just at the People’s Square, the very center of the city. There is a church beside it. It is just at the No. 2 exit of the Metro Line 1 and #2.

The door of Yangtze Hotel opens just before the door of Raffles City (where I work everyday). It is near to almost everywhere – easily reached via Metro or taxi.

Here is the map.


As of this week (March 13 – March 18), the standard room is 560 RMB (or 70 USD) per night.

The Room

I didn’t see the room myself, but my friend told me there are old style rooms and very modern style rooms. The sink in the modern rooms are made of glass, and there are curtain between the restroom and the bedrooms. They even have computers…. Let me find time to take a look.

The History

Yangtze Hotel looks like a very normal hotel from outside. I even didn’t realize there is a hotel at the gate of my office building. For me, it is only a cheap place to have lunch. We enjoy the fast food of the hotel – 15 RMB for the lunch – not bad.

I checked the history of the hotel on Internet. It has unordinary history. It was built in 1934, and was once named “the third best hotel in the fareast” in old times.

Wow. Let me take pictures of the hotel tomorrow. People always ignore important stuff besides us.


Book it via CTRIP: Yangtze Hotel.

Forget about the 1078 RMB listing price. It never charged that high.

Yangtze Hotel

740 HanKou Road, Shanghai 200001

Tel +86 21 6351 7880

Fax +86 21 6351 6974



They have a website: http://www.e-yangtze.com/

If you stayed in the hotel, please share your comment.

P.S. There is always good and cheap motel like Motel 168, and Jinjiang Inn. They are 268 RMB or 168 RMB per night. They are also good – clean, fully equipped, and convenient. The only problem is, they are often fully booked. There are other hotels like this, Sports Hotel is one example.

4 thoughts on “Yangtze Hotel is Good

  1. I have good memories of the Yangzte Hotel.

    We had our wedding banquet there exactly ten years ago this week. Mrs. Rong always picks good venues – good value at reasonable prices. It was nice to hear the hotel is still good.

    Last October we dropped in for a sentimental visit. It seems to have undergone a renovation in the lobby and banquet areas.

  2. Hi Jianshuo!

    How are you? Not sure if you still remember me. I haven’t been visiting your blog so regularly now, but I still remember you. *:)

    I stayed at Yangtze Hotel back in September 2007. I like the hotel very much. Yes, the heritage of the hotel is something that should be cherished. We took a room with a king-sized bed, and it was beautiful and comfortable. The hotel staff were very friendly and helpful too. In fact, whenever I remember Yangtze Hotel, I kind of miss the hotel staff there too. *:)

    I’m planning to go to Shanghai again, for the Expo. I tried to look for the Yangtze Hotel web site, but realised that it’s been taken over by a Japanese web site. Do you know if the Yangtze Hotel is still around? I saw another Yangtze Hotel (The Langham). Is it the same hotel? It looks bigger and the room fees are much higher too.

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