Taihu! Taihu! Taihu!

You have to visit a place many times to really learn its beauty. It is exactly

true. I fall in love in Hangzhou, in Nanjing, and today, in Taihu. The

Expressway network in the Yangtze Delta extends at the speed I cannot imagine.

The newly built Suzhou – Shanghai Expressway directly connect the Suzhou City

Ring Express and Shanghai A30 Express. Now the riding distance from my home at

Pudong and the Xukou at Taihu is only 120 KM, costing…

2 thoughts on “Taihu! Taihu! Taihu!

  1. I’ve never been to Taihu yet, but I’ve been to Hangzhou (I love this city) and Nanjing (like it, too!). Is Taihu where the Taihu Lake is where there’s this auspicious stone with holes is located? Just read about it somewhere but not sure.

  2. I have been to Taihu many times, my workplace is not very far from there.Its spectacularity is beyond my imagination.

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