New Year’s Eve – the Year of Dog

The year of Dog comes. It was said “every dog has its day”. Every 12 years, the dogs have their own year – the year of dog.

I will spend the Spring Festival in Beijing with Wendy this year. It is a special year for us. In my blood, I believe there is still lot of Northern China. I am more aligned with the culture in Beijing. To live in Beijing for sometime was part of our dream – finally, we can make it true.

Let me share a picture of my toy dog with you:


Dog in Seattle airport

Happy New Year for everyone!

P.S. The twelve-year ban for fireworks was unlifted this year. Till 2:00 AM, the bing and bong are still everywhere in the city. It is good that the ban was lifted. Shanghai does not ban. In Luoyang, although fireworks are still banned, but no one enforce it. When I call back home, my talk was sometime interrupted by the background explosion of fireworks.

13 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve – the Year of Dog

  1. Hi again and wishing you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year. Will be going over to visit my parents today to eat chinese dumplings. It is a tradition they have kept since we immigrated to Australia since 1984 from china. Have a great time in beijing i’ll be going bback next year there to visit relatives!!! Can’t wait!!!

  2. Hi Jian Shuo,

    Happy New Year! Wish you more prosperity in the coming year.

    I’ve just read your article about exchanging RMB to USD.

    Can we talk about this more? Please email me at the above email address.

    Thank you.

  3. excuse me, I like to read your blog but you do surprise me so much when I know that you were born in the year of dog,you are too young if you were 24 this year,and you are too old if you were 36 years old. I guess you just born in 1982, right??? please let me know the truth through email,,,, it’s very importan to me!!! thanks a lot!!!

  4. Hi! I am so glad to find this site. I am from Seattle but currently living in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. My boyfriend is living in Heng Mian, which is near Zhou Pu, which is near Pudong…I was hoping you could help me out. I plan to fly in and surprise him for a visit for his birthday, but I’ve never been there and can’t seem to find a map online that shows this area. I’m guessing it’s because Pudong, and Shanghai in general is developing so fast. Anyway, I know you are SUPER busy, especially during this holiday time, but if you could shoot me a quick email directing me how to get to this area I would be eternally grateful!

    Thanks so much!


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