Wheat Powder Fuwa (Olympic Mascots)

© Jian Shuo Wang. Shot in the Changfeng Park of Shanghai

See this picture. I took it in Changfeng Park – the Beijing 2008 Olympic Mascots created by the woman. She used wheat powder and color to create the toys.

P.S. Previous Issue of BusinessWeek on Microsoft

The Sept 26, 2005 issue of BusinessWeek is wonderful. I read almost every single article on this issue. The article “Troubling Exits At Microsoft” is a good one, as other articles in the magazine. I was surprised to two things: 1) BusinessWeek is sensitive to new stuff like AJAX, Tag, or Cyworld. 2) One statement in comment on this site is true: “No readers are interested in the questions interviewees are willing to answer”. There are many tough questions for Steve Baller. One example was “[some employees] question whether you should be CEO. What’s your response?”. OMG…

7 thoughts on “Wheat Powder Fuwa (Olympic Mascots)

  1. I have never been to http://minimsft.blogspot.com/ until read this article.

    I strong believe that Microsoft’s issue is being over-stated. Microsoft is always in the spotlight and being critisized under an amplying glass. Though I agree Microsoft does have issues.

    Company always has issues, doesn’t it? Google also has issues. Google’s honeymoon with the public won’t last for too long. See, Rob Enderle wrote “they (Google) were increasingly behaving as if they were the center of the universe”, “companies, particularly those that grow very quickly, can lose track of their ethics and, by placing their needs in front of all others, move from being widely admired to widely despised”. (http://www.technewsworld.com/alert/47289.html)

    By the way, Burton Smith (http://www.computerhistory.org/events/lectures/smith_01232001/) joined Microsoft yesterday, who is the mastreo in supercomputing area. I guess he is going to be a Distinguished Engineer.

    Talking about Distinguished Engineer, well, it’s true that Mark Lucovsky, one of the 16 Distinguished Engineer in Microsoft, left MSFT early this year. But if someone has been working a company for 16 years and earned so much money from stock options, it’s quite normal for him to change job. Sixteen years! No body can always keep passion to the company for even longer than that, expect he is the founder (but Paul Allen …) or the CEO/President candidate. Not to mention that Mark Lucovsky’s HailStorm is a failure, in both terms of technique and business.

    Even not to mention Kai-Fu Lee’s case. Microsoft has more than hundred Vice Presidents. Every year there are a few MSFT VPs retiring/quitting. Things don’t make different, no matter the next stop is Google, IBM, Walmart or a start-up.

  2. Businessweek must study the trend of high technology, because it is closely related to the investment, behind one piece of news, they must be some change of share of one company, so as an investor or a advisor, we must know the development of companies which shares are in our hand partly.

  3. JS,

    Overheard from news media the airport of Shanghai PVG has introduced quarantine measure for all inbound and outbound travellers in fear of bird-flu.

    My concern is whether the disease has actually spread to Shanghai and her vicinity areas since I am coming to visit the city on X’mas. Appreciate if you can shed some light on this would be pandemic as we know very little on its developments in China.

  4. Stephen: I live in Shanghai, but no news about any bird flu anywhere close to Shanghai yet. If the airport is taken extra precautions that must be to make sure it stays that way.

    The other effect of the bird flu here is that people are making jokes about it at lunch time. :-)

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