Busy as Keyword

How fun. Some one searched:

I am extremely busy recently in Google and got to my site. Haha.

my life is busy

P.S. I found a strange trend that when I ask my friends around me, “How are you doing these days”, the more common answer is “Busy” or “exteremely busy”. I have two or three friends who are always happy to describe how many lunched they have skipped or how many nights they didn’t sleep. The question is, is “being busy” something to show off? Is he taking “being busy” as an accomplishment or archivement?

I hope I am leading an effective life, instead of busy life. :-)

9 thoughts on “Busy as Keyword

  1. hi,i saw your blog link in the lifeweek magazine…..so here i am!!..hehe…excited-ing~~~~~

    i like the last sentence of this blog.

    i’m also busy writing papers recently, but i never thought it’s worth showing off….*^^* HOHO

  2. To most people’s understanding, being busy means they have many things to do and do not just idle away. So possibly it is a kind of showing off.

  3. I can understand why guys say that. Possitively, they just want to confirm the fact that they are needed. But showing off is very stupid, especially by young people.

  4. Jiangjinjiu, you’re right, if people have no value they need to do something to believe that they have a value. Even if lying to themselves.

    Busy, yes – but busy with WHAT ? If you ask the guys who claims they are busy, they may say that even breathing is to be busy…

    Later in life it is a priviledge to AVOID being busy !

    My old mom (71yo) says she is SO happy having 2 days a week where she don’t have to go out for something (but she is hyperactive, I think).

  5. It’s true.

    Recently, it seems that people all around me are unexceptionally Mr and Ms Busy.

    Life is short, it deserves much more than busy.

    The fact is:

    Are we really so busy as we said?

    or it is just a altisonant excuse for current stupefying boredom?

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  7. Dont mind them. dem be a lazy bunch of bombs probably always dossing!!!!!

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