Inside the Shanghai Radio Staiton

I visited the Shanghai Radio Station this afternoon (for the first time) for a radio program.

The Security Check

Shanghai Radio and East Radio are two major (if not the only two) radio stations in Shanghai. It was easy to enter the building. Radio station is always a sensitive location in China. The security check was intensive. I waited in the line for quite some time before I arrived at the window of the gate outside the building. It was cold outside and three security guards were looking at me to fill a form with my name, gender, telephone number, home address, company name, the person I visit, the room number, and deposited my national ID card.

After phone confirmation, I got the electronic ID card at the expense of my National ID card. :-) I can only claim my national ID after I come out of the building, with the ID card, and the signed form by the host.

It is not so high tech as I expected, …., until I entered the recording room.

The Recording Room

I took some pictures of the room. I hope there should be more paintings or drawings on the wall to make it more friendly. :-)

The Program

It is very few English program that started broadcasting from July 15, 2002, according to their About us. Kevin is a not a typical Shanghainese. Only the brief communication with the control room in Shanghainese reminded me the handsome, talktive, and energetic young man is native Shanghainese. The name of the program is called Live It Up Shanghai. It is on air at 22:15 to 23:00, Monday to Sunday, at frequency 990 AM or 93.4 FM. They call it the “News Channel”. Please check it out.

The Radio Room in Chicago

I happen to have a studio of WDN 720 AM at the grand floor of the Chicago Tribune Tower that people can see the host broadcasting live. It was quite amazing experience for me.

Radio station in the glass room near the Chicago river on the Magnificant Mile. Taken in Dec, 2005

Same as above

Same as above

The pictures were taken from my last Chicago Trip. More notes about the pictures can be found under the section: Public Radio is Really Public Radio.

14 thoughts on “Inside the Shanghai Radio Staiton

  1. WJS said: “Just for example, if you ask “Do you have censorship in America?” If you say “No censorship”, it is absolutely wrong.”

    Once again, why do you think there is censorship in America againt bloggers? Do you have any proof? (Hint: didn’t you have a Microsoft internal memo guiding you how to blog?)

    Why do you think lying, dodging or whatever is better than facing the truth? What part of your education made you think so?

  2. We’ll all see how far his pathetic narcissism will lead this poor liar to. If it sickens you to stomach, that’s because his job here is so close to a prostitute, always serving the highest bidder, at the moment the CCP. CCP won’t be there for ever, along with it will be made-in-china illusions and its cheap whores, like wangjianshuo.

  3. bellevue; What makes you so different and innocent? Have you ever had a job for living? If you exchange money for your work, does that make you a cheap whore too?

  4. Bellevue,

    Your rhetoric sounds good only at the most superficial of levels.

    Want some examples of censorship on American blogs? What if I posted the name of Valerie Plame and her work status 3 years ago? (See: Scooter Libby) What if I decided to gather up a collection of child p o r n? What if I posted your personal contact information, while alleging that I personally witnessed you engaged in sexual relations with an unconsenting farm animal? What if I decided to post a video-cap of Harry Potter? (See: MPAA.)

    Or, god forbid, what if I happened to be a Chinese-American engineer who posted publically available information about the design of the US Navy’s Quiet Electric Drive? (See: Chi Mak.)

    Or, what if I happen to be in Germany, and post a blog that questions the scale of the Holocaust? (See: David Irving.)

    Or, what if I happen to be Chinese-American, Muslim, and a chaplin… and in my blog mention the prisoners at Gitmo that I had been comforting? (See: James Yee.)

    How about it, bellevue? Are you going to give us the tired justifications that we’ve always heard on these issues, or are you going to admit that even the United States has limitations on what passes for “free speech”, even in the internet sphere?

  5. The most pathetic poster is like this guy, dont know where to bark, post no sense comments, where the heck you quote “Just for example, if you ask…”. I dont see nowhere in this post this sentence, post your comments on your own blog, not this blog.

    btw, if you call other whore, youself is a whore in real life.

  6. Jianshuo, please explain the ignorant and dumb people from outside of China – WHY do they have these security checks ??? Most other countries radio stations do not have that security.

  7. CCTAng: Chi Mak? You mean the spy working under the cover of Chinese propaganda outlet Phoenix TV? He should be shot for spying, and he would if had done the same thing in another country.

    Are you telling me you are his comrade?

    And the traitor James Yee, who tries his best to bring down US?

  8. Bellevue, seems the prosecution lied on so many things to indict Chi Mak on spy charge (now dropped), it’s smelling like another Wen Ho Lee:

    – the alleged Knolls Atomic Lab map turned out to be a hotel map from an old visit;

    – there were no classified documents as alleged; documents were not about weapons;

    – the documents were not encrypted into music files as alleged; it’s zipped for size;

    – with nothing to nail the sister-in-law, she was then indicted on a trumped up “fake marriage” charge

    Shame on us America.

    Here’s another article worth reading. It seems our government has been perpetuating this “yellow menance” false image with propaganda:

  9. I love the program called Live It Up Shanghai.I listened to the program at my college.Now I can not stay up so late for the program any more.

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