IPEVO Skype Headset Hardware

Today, I tried the new Skype phone from PCHome-Skype from Taiwan. It is a wonderful application – very cute iPod-like design, cute buttons, and much improved voice quality above already very nice quality of Skype.

The Skype Phone

Although it is basically not a big change from using mouse+screen+software to a headset, when I experienced it, it still brings big difference into the experience.

The coolest thing is to press the green “+” button in the middle. It is the starting number of any Skype out. For example, I can call +862168xxxxx to call my home, or +8610xxxxxxxx to a phone in Beijing, or +861391614xxxx to call any mobile in China, even +1416xxxxxxx to call phone in Toronto… It is so nice. The rate is 0.017 Euro per minute. It is half the price for regular mobile phone’s receiving rate…

The Headset

The headset is so cool. It is manufactured by IPEVO at PCHOME’s request. They have both logos. It sells at around 1000 New Taibi, or around 250 RMB. I hope we can have these kind of phone in China soon.

Technology is Lovely Only When it Changes Life

Tonight, I called my mother and father in Luoyang using the new Skype Headset (Thanks Tony to lent it to me). Then I called my brother in Fuzhou, and the other brother in Toronto. Thus all my parents’ three sons gathered on the phone using the Skype conference function and joined the family conference. My parents were so happy to hear everyone just like our reunion at home. So am I.

Technology is cool. It is cooler when it enables people to feel warmth of life.

P.S. Don’t ask me about the Skype block things in China, though. I won’t answer because it is not appropriate to discuss about it.

12 thoughts on “IPEVO Skype Headset Hardware

  1. .17 euro per min.? I only pay $.05 per min. while calling from Canada to China on my regular land line.

  2. Can we use such a phone in the mainland? I have seen this news, but i don’t have chance to experience that kind of handset.

  3. Wang – I think you have it backwards… Skype isn’t blocking things in China. China is blocking Skype in China.

  4. In fact,It has been used for a long time by somebody.

    I think it will be used in regular family a few days later!

  5. Wow, you deleted the comment my comrade? Silly Wang, blocking is for China… not Skype.

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