Added Tag to Category Archive Template

Tagging is important. MovableType does not support tagging. There is a plugin for it, but it only applies to MovableType 3.16 or higher, not my MovableType 2.66.

So I leveraged category as tag in MovableType 2.66. To add enough categories that covers all the “tag” I want to create. Maybe in the future, I need someways to automate the creating, mapping and final “save” action of the tagging system on MovableType.

Meanwhile, I added many tag related feature to this blog, like the flickr photo with the same tag also comes to the site.

New Template (after Nov 17, 2005):

Old template (before Dec 17, 2005):

2 thoughts on “Added Tag to Category Archive Template

  1. I believe there is a lack of the tag “script” in the page html source. Some wrong with it!

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