According to Supervisor’s Notice


Notice in metro city

This is a typical notice in Shanghai, or in China. The note says:

According to Supervisor’s notice, this W.C. will be removed

I recently notice almost all the posters in Shanghai metro starts from the same sentence: “according to supervisor’s notice”. Following this starting sentence, there are many events, like: “no baggers are allowed”, “the business time will be extended” or the “Dongfang Road station will be closed”…

It is a very interetsing way of expressing something in national-owned large enterprises. All the actions are driven by the supervisors, not the customers. :-)

Kevin Wen

I met Kevin today. Blogging, helped both of us to connect with each other so we seem to be good friend already. Actually, not blogging, the continuous writing, and updating that connects people.

As I told Kevin, the top 3 beneficial blogs in the blogging/it category I read are Keivn‘s, Chedong‘s, and 6e.

Face of Kevin’s name card


Back of Kevin’s blogging name card


When I enter the class room of Andreas, I read a banner outside the building: 2005 EMBA Autumn Class. This morning, when I took a short walk in my garden, I found many yellow leafs in the garden. It is a strong indicator of Autumn in Shanghai. I am going to plant some tulip in the garden at the end of Nov. So I have some hope for March the next year when the cold winter comes.

Andreas’ class

Recently, when I am drafting strategy, and I found to foresee many years ahead for a business is a weak point for me, or most people at my age. So I spent this Saturday to attend Andreas’ EMBA class. Thanks Andreas to genouerous allowed free admission for me. To my surprise, I was put the spotlight and finally turned out to be one of the speaker for the afternoon session when we talked about “tag”, “participation architecture”. I start to wonder whether I should take some time to attend some EMBA education.

Kevin’s Word

Kevin quoted the CEO of

Focus on one thing;

Do it really well;

and enjoy it!

Well said.

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