Shanghai Weather in Oct

We are going to enter October.

October is among the best weather in Shanghai (if not contain spring in April). Typically, it is not hot and not cold – just the best time for people to live and visit.

A T-shirt can do and a sweater is also OK. The autumn comes. As the old sayings put it, it is the time you can wear whatever you want – not so hot and not so cold.

The average temperature in Shanghai in Oct is 18°C (66°F). The average high temperature is 22°C (72°F) and average low temperature is 15°C (59°F), according to the previous 21 years of record

The reason I wrote about this topic is, I found there are many hits from Google to my site when searching for “Shanghai Weather in Oct

9 thoughts on “Shanghai Weather in Oct

  1. Jianshuo,

    Any more feedback on the blogging conference in November? I’d like to meet up and talk about blogging – you’re the blogging master!


    Kai En

  2. Hi,

    Any way to predict typhoon that hit shanghai 2 weeks in advance? I encounter typhoon in shanghai recently. So i am not afraid whether the temp is hot or cold but more phobia of typhoons.



  3. Hi Jian Shuo Wang,

    i am very impressed with your informative blog and is better and current than the ten books that i trying to read on china.

    Keen to meet yourself or some college student or some interested couple with some time in 23 to 26 oct 2005 to know more abut Shanghai. We are a Christian chinese couple in the near retirement age from Singapore Frankly read so much negative and dishonest remarks in the net that i hope to meet sincere and honest Chinese which i am sure that there are many in Shanghai to know more abut china business, christians, education, shopping and culture etc. will return hospitality when you come to Singapore and I will personally you bring around . i have given this “hospitality exchange” to same minded person from other countries in singapore. pls reply your to go a chinese english speaking bible study group.

    how is the weather from 17 to 26 oct as i am afraid of cold weather.

    pls reply your advice

    thanks for the great help.

    roland boh

  4. hi roland,

    i am part of a christian cellgroup that meets every friday night in pudong. many of the members of our group are from singapore, malaysia, etc. we would be happy if u could join us while u are in shanghai. let me know where we can get in touch with u.


  5. Hi,

    very excited to visit shanghai in oct. going around 24 oct..2 days in shanghai and few more days around Jiangnan area…..which has been occured in my dream for the past 10 ++ years.

    wah…15’c to 22’c,in case of cold wind at night especially.

    hope you all enjoy your trip in shanghai!!



  6. Hi! I am planning on going to Shanghai in October. What will the weather be like during that time? I’d like to know, so I’d know what clothes to take!

  7. hi, i am from the tropical island of the republic of Palau and we are coming for the world expo in october. i just check to see what the weather in october will be like. our weather is mostly between 80’s to 90’s F so if 66F in shanghai then that’s quite cold for us. i’ve been to southern china, guanzhou and it was too cold but i cant remember the month i was there since its long time ago. thank you for this wonderful site or your.

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