Chinese Blogger Conference

Chinese Blogger Conference will be held in Shanghai on Nov 5 – 6, 2005 in Shanghai. It is a weekend.


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I don’t know why, but I just have the mixed feeling of this event. I didn’t got any notification/invitation of this event yet. I am worrying about this event. I met Isaac and discussed my concerns: it is more like a conference of only some people, instead of the blogging world. BSPs like blogbus, bokee, blogcn, seem not involved yet, and many bloggers like me are not involved yet. The speakers are great persons but seem to be only in a small circle. Although many bloggers are encouraged to participate, but there is not good way to organize the participation. There are many pannel discussions, but I worry how to organize it if there are so many people – I don’t know what the pannel discussion will look like if it is 100 people conference…

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I will be a reporter, suppoter, and participant, but… I still worry a lot. Let’s wait and see what happens than.

BTW, Barak, CEO of Six Apart will participant in this blogcon.

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  1. Austin, It was actually all my fault. I meant to email you back but I was away in the last couple of weeks and didn’t get around to do that when I came back.

    I apologized for not having mentioned to you that we had a speaker lined up (though not 100% confirmed) for the cross-cultural conversation (of which you also proposed) at the time of your inquiry.

    From what I understand, the session on cross cultural conversation is a brain storming session. Rebecca and other “panelists” representing major geographical areas who will be facilitating the discussions, will only make very brief remarks on the topic and leave most of the session for everyone to talk and to brainstorm strategies for cross-boundary communications. So for sure, there will be room for you to share your insights on the topic. You, and indeed everyone, are of course welcome to join the conference. Registration will become available soon – so be sure to check back the conference website in next week or so for details.

  2. Jianshuo, Sorry for having to use your blogspace for clarifications on the conference. But thank you for providing such space for us to talk.

    I guess you also have some good ideas/tips for the conference. Hope you’d have a chance to share them with the conference organizing team. You know, they have regular meetings on-line and sometimes off-line. It’d be great if you can join in once to share your thoughts. (I know you’re busy, so I won’t dare to ask for too much of your time.)

  3. Hi

    I read your concerns

    I am currently in Thailand and would like tosee a blogcon started here, but the situation is grim

    would like to publish a report from you on content-wire re china blogcon, can you send me something?

    cheers (publisher)

  4. am a blogger of MSN space. The conference seems very interesting. I am in. As the topic you are going to address, it is also

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