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When I get to Shanghai Oct 10, I need to get a one-way flight to Chengdu on 13th. Will I be able to do that on the 10th or 11th? No web site that I can access in US permits reserving a one-way ticket. If you think trying to get a flight on 2-3 days notice is not realistic, could you suggest a travel agent located in Shanghai that might assist me. I love Shanghai and wish I had more time to spend this trip. Thanks for your help.


Typically, if it is not the golden week (Oct 1 – Oct 7, May 1 – May 7 and Spring Festival Week), a good bet is that you can book flight on the same day when you travel. The air tickets works not the same in U.S. Typically, the cheapest air tickets are only available just few days before the departure. So typically, my suggestion is you go to the airport and buy the ticket at the counter – there are enough ticket counter at any airport of Shanghai (or other city).

If you want to be safe and get lower price, making a reservation on CTRIP.COM is a good idea. They have English version of their website. Or try to call them at +86-21-34064888. They are really nice.

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  1. I plan to return to San Francisco from Hangzhou via Beijing. I have already booked the flight from Beijing to San Francisco via United Airline which will depart at 12:30pm. I understand domestic travels always delayed. Should I depart Hangzhou to Beijing 1 day earlier just to be sure I will not be late to catch the international flight at 12:30pm. Thanks for all your tips and advise so far.

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    Susan Loh

  2. I don’t think to leave one day in advance is absolutely neccessary. Personally, I won’t do that. There are some delays in flights, but not always. Do leave enough time, say, 3 hours or more between the flight. If you cannot make that arrangement, to leave one day may be wise – if you enjoy the night of Beijing.

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