5 thoughts on “What Happened 365 Days Ago?

  1. 365 days ago, I was in Singapore, missing everything about Shanghai. Someone said it well, “you have to leave to miss it”. I was watching Candid Camera (maybe not) that night.

  2. one year ago, everyday i was studying ielts. but now everyday i am studying aic. all the days are full of english.

  3. I didn’t have any records for what I did one year ago. But I know today – one year after the day one year ago I am reading your blog, and I am so envy how active your readers are (include me)! –Even on this kind of entry:)

  4. Exactly…One year ago…I arrived in Shanghai…on an overcast rainy night…much like today. Wow…time flies….and now that i have a year under my belt….with all the things that have happenned I am a much better person…and a stronger one too. I miss my friends and family back in the US. I chose to come here…and I never quit — i’m determined to continue my life here, everything else is a temporary setback…the big picture and peace of mind are the most important ;-)

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