Waiting for More Metro Lines

The pace of the construction of Shanghai Metro seems to slow down after the recent opening of the Metro Line #1 North Extension. The construction site still occupies the most crowded street, and causing big problems for the surface traffic, but it seems there is no hope to use the stations soon.

For example, the station of the Zhao Jia Bang Road (肇嘉浜路)and Xi Zhang Nan Lu (西藏南路)has been under construction since I moved to Pudong with a car. Now my car has celebrated its one year two month ago, and the station construction site still looks the same. I feel a little bit losing patient. According to the Future Plan of Shanghai Metro, there are enough lines to cover all the urban area of Shanghai, but now, the question for normal people in this big city is WHEN. Jia You, Shanghai Metro!

12 thoughts on “Waiting for More Metro Lines

  1. 20 metro lines will be completed before 2010 Expo.

    and now.we have Line 1 2 3 5 already

    M4 is said to be completed in Oct.and so is to M8.

    I’m just in the Underground Structure major

    it mainly focus hte project such as metro and tunnels.

    there are so many lines need to be built,it is a good news for us :)

  2. more metro lines means more convenient traffic for common people..esp. those who dont hv a car or other traffic tools as a replacement. It’s very important in Shanghai, the No.1 metropolis in China. Metro is more important than a car sometimes. :-) Since you’ve got a car, it’s not that urgent for you. However, I do understand that a car can help a lot within short distance. Metro is necessary for longer commute. Look at Metro Line 1, it’s so crowded to the extent that I worry more accidents will keep happening!

  3. WOW! this is really worth any one, especially for us shanghainese a big “WOW” . even i dunno there r such many magnificent projects undertaking beneath the suface of shanghai~(well, it is quite a shame 4 me as i dunno these.)

    but there should be some problems, i dunno exactly but as cnn said “While the city’s fortunes — along with its skyline — are rising relentlessly, physically it is sinking into the swampy land on which it was built.” i think the tunnels and metros may sharpen this particular problem. i m wandering now wot if the soil capacity of the ground actually stops shanghai’s developing…in some day in da future?

    btw, nice site and great discussion…i never saw such a…well its worth a big wow as well :> cos everybody is commenting seriously.

    oh, i m an architecture student. and i m riting a essay about globalization vs the changhuangmiao…:p

  4. Yup, i totally understand your feeling! i was in Shanghai couple months ago, traffic there was very impressive =p of course, without that, i just love Shanghai so much, so much fun there, great food, beautiful city…anyways, i will go back again to check her out!

    **plus, i have to say that i love this site too, VERY IMPRESSIVE! :)

  5. I suppose the metro line that Jian Shuo is talking about is line 4.

    The same actually is also true for line 3. North of the current terminal station (Jiang Wan Town) I’ve seen already two more metro line stations that look almost finished. But the stations look almost finished for many months now.

    I don’t regret it though, as I live close to the Jiang Wan Town station it means that for now I still always have a seat. I’m afraid that once the line is extended that will be over.

  6. Jianshuo, who are you impatient ?

    You and me drive most of the times along the way that line 4 will go through, so in the future we can let our cars stay in the parking lot.

    Keep up the patience !

    Another thing is that I have been “upgraded” by AVIS Shanghai to a Buick Excelle 1.8 AT. Much better than the previous Dazhong.

    But – I had to pay 500 RMB for cleaning inside, after I received it !

    It was SO dirty and looked like a wet dog turned inside out.

    I will never recommend AVIS in Shanghai to any foreigner who dares to rent a car.

    It is completely different from renting a car from AVIS in the US, so don’t get lured.

    Anyhow, praise someone for the coming of line 4, dear drivers between Pudong and Puxi !

  7. I noticed a collapsed building on southern zhongshan lu by the vund 1 week ago…

    was that the one that sank because of the tunnel work done for the metro last year?

  8. The following are my email to Avis Shanghai.

    My company has been renting a car from you guys since I have been to Shanghai at the beginning of this year. For years, I have been rented cars from you guys in US from time to time. It has been mostly satisfactory. Unfortunately, your Shanghai office has been giving me lemons one after another, with I only stayed in Shanghai about half of my time of this year so far. It is getting so bad that my last car from you had stopped at the middle of a freeway, it had been towed and etc, when my driver and my wife went to retrieve the stuff in it couple weeks later, the car’s engine was gone. I am keeping wondering that what kind of shady business is that and how lucky that we did not get killed because of it.

    The one that I am getting from you yesterday, supposed to be a good one, once again the front passenger seat make a lot noise and the cruise control switch handle was gone for just first time I am seating into it, and God knows what else is going to be soon or later. My phone calls to your sale rep and your repair personnel went no where, and to switch to last scary lemon to this one took about 2 months and a lot of grieves.

    With my experience with you, one of the TV ads keeps popping up in my mind “It is no safe at any speed” with your cars.

    Anyway, I have done argue with your.

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