Traveling in Beijing

I stay in Shangri-la Hotel in Beijing this time at the west of Beijing. To stay in a hotel is of cause not to comparable with staying near the real Shangri-la in Lijiang during the trip, but the worst thing is, I only had 2 hours in the hotel last night.

Beijing is the heart of IT industry, and the media industry in China. People ask me about Where to Start an IT Company? in 2004, my suggestion is Beijing. If the confidential level is 6 out of 9 last time, my confidential level is almost 8 out of 9 after sometime. It is the easiest place to get noticed from media, get support. There is great circles here. I have decided to spend about once every month in Beijing recently.

4 thoughts on “Traveling in Beijing

  1. it is good for you to spend once every month in Beijing.

    and I think you can also create your another company there.

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